5 Tips on How to Manage Negative Online Reviews

The moment you step into the online world you should be watchful for reviews. These reviews truly matter. And, everyone knows that reviews play an important role in your site’s organic visibility. According to Google, customer interactions and online reviews are vital for boosting your organic traffic. Above all, customer reviews can have an impact on your traditional business model too. This is because reviews have the power to patronize or ignore certain brands.

So, what would you do when you get a dozen negative reviews? How will you turn negative feedback into positive ones? Well, it is a tricky situation. And, you can make any harsh decision.

Here are a few tips on how to handle negative reviews online.

#1 Respond Immediately

First things first, you should be willing to respond. If a customer is unhappy with your product, or business – there is something wrong. This will increase the chances of them walking away to another business. And, when they post a negative comment, you are expected to give an immediate response. This is definitely the right thing to do. In fact, this is the best way to control damage.

how to Manage Negative Online Reviews

#2 Respond Thoughtfully

At all times, you should bear in mind that the customer is king. In addition to being quick with your response, you must appreciate the customer’s effort. Every piece of feedback is important for an organization. When it is negative, the value increases! The pain points in your customer’s feedback must be acknowledged. You must promise them a better experience. If possible, give them a solution.

Throughout the response, you should be appreciative of the customer’s urge to communicate details about their experience. Also, convey that their feedback ought to make a big difference.

#3 Be Honest!

Remember, no one around is perfect. Not your marketing team, your customers or your stakeholders!

how to Manage Negative Online Reviews

Even when you have to respond quickly, and thoughtfully – you should remain honest. Qualities like honesty and transparency can go a very long way. When your business has missed a factor or made a mistake – you need to address the concern in a heartfelt manner. The most common outcome of such responses would be a loyal customer.

#4 Keep the Response Appropriate, and Stay Kind!

Many times, responses to negative reviews turn nasty. This represents a wave of unprofessionalism. The attitude you maintain for negative reviews should be similar to the positive ones. Always remain buttoned up! And, consider your unhappy customer, and a long-term investor. This is when “Acting Kind” becomes easy.

how to Manage Negative Online Reviews

Businesses end up losing many customers when they don’t deal with negative reviews correctly. A displeased customer can turn many more away. Do you want to be trapped in this mess?

#5 Customized Response!

Your customer took the pain of giving you personalized feedback. Even when it is posted in a common forum, the effort still remains. And, all customers want their voices to be heard. This is why you should communicate with customized responses. Every negative, and positive review should be acknowledged separately. This is the simplest way to show your concern.


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