N1 Unfolding TV First Look: C SEED Unveils the World’s First Foldable TV; Explore Complete Details

N1 Unfolding TV First Look: C SEED has introduced the world’s pioneer folding TV designed for both indoor and outdoor usage. This innovative folding TV incorporates the intelligent features of the N1 TV and boasts a vibrant 4K resolution.

Since its market debut, the N1 Unfolding TV has caused a sensation in the television industry. It is worth noting that the N1 Unfolding TV First Look was unveiled at CES 2024. In terms of display, this folding TV is available in three different size variants.

N1 Unfolding TV

In this article, we explore the N1 Unfolding TV First Look, which is currently making waves on social media. Notably, the features of the N1 Unfolding TV are centred around Micro LED technology, offering three distinct sizes with 4K resolution.

N1 Unfolding TV First Look

For a comprehensive understanding of the C SEED N1 TV, including details such as price, specifications, and more, carefully peruse this article.

N1 Unfolding TV First Look

As mentioned earlier, the N1 TV is available in 103 inches, 137 inches, or 165 inches, employing cutting-edge LED technology. The company asserts exceptional display and picture quality. Noteworthy is the folding TV’s 180-degree round rotating flexible viewing feature, providing a unique design for the C SEED N1 TV.

CNET shared a video on its Instagram handle featuring the first look of the C SEED N1 Unfolding TV. The headquarters of C SEED is located in Vienna, Austria. The N1 TV boasts screen sizes ranging from 103 to 165 inches, offering a cinematic experience for home use.

N1 Unfolding TV Price

Regarding the pricing, the C SEED N1 TV is recognized as the world’s first foldable TV, and it comes with a hefty price tag of $220,000, equivalent to 16,500,000 INR in Indian currency. The design of the N1 Unfolding TV has been expertly crafted by C SEED’s professional engineering team.

N1 Unfolding TV Specification

Model NameC SEED N1 TV
Unveiled atCES 2024
Screen TechnologyMicro LED
Screen Sizes165 inches, 137 inches, 103 inches
Rotation Capability180 degrees
Indoor/OutdoorSpecifically designed for indoor use
Adaptive Gap Calibration (AGC)Utilizes AGC technology to eliminate visible folds in the TV screen when folded into viewing size
DesignSeamless frame, stylish aesthetics
InstallationEasy installation, adaptable to different preferences
Viewing ExperienceImmersive and cinematic
Transformation TimeRises and unfolds within 60 seconds, reaching a height of 7.8 feet
Panel Unfolding TimeUnfolds five panels silently in the next 25 seconds
Display SizeMonumental 137-inch MicroLED display with enhanced brightness and vibrant colors
Automated FeaturesFully automated opening, integrated audio, sophisticated control system, Adaptive Gap Calibration
Screen Rotation180-degree rotation capability for various viewing angles
Foldability“All in one” solution eliminates the need for complex installation, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience.
Available ColorsC SEED Silver and C SEED Champagne
Installation Requirement“All in one” solution eliminates the need for complex installation, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience
Manufacturing OriginEngineered and crafted in Austria
Legacy and ExpertiseRepresents a decade of expertise from C SEED, known for luxury TVs, including the award-winning C SEED 201 TV
ApplicationsDesigned for high-end outdoor, indoor, and marine applications

Touted as a TV disruptor, the C SEED N1 TV stands out due to its smooth and stylish design, blending aesthetics with outstanding performance, also known as Adaptive Gap Calibration (AGC).

One of the unique features of the N1 TV is its ability to rotate its screen a full 180 degrees away from the viewer’s face, enabling a versatile viewing experience from every angle. When not in use, the TV can be folded back into its base, resembling a sophisticated piece of furniture suitable for any corner of the house.


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