5 Common Myths in Digital Marketing – Must Know

The sound of digital marketing might appear simple. In fact, everyone considers it a painless process. You create a website, write a blog and wait for magic to happen. If this is your opinion about digital marketing, you are absolutely wrong. The marketing industry is known for having multiple strands. To be successful, you need to understand each strand separately. Maximum care has to be given to certain aspects for engagement and results.

Due to its exhaustive use, numerous myths have surfaced about the trade.

And, as you expand in this world, you need to debunk these myths.

Now, let’s focus more on the myths.

5 Common Myths in Digital Marketing

Myth 1: Cross-Platform is Not Mandatory 

First of all, you need to accept the fact that digital marketing is a mix of many platforms. Participating in just one will be useful. But, when you invest in many, the efforts will be more fruitful. Sticking to your traditional marketing efforts will no longer be sufficient. You need to expand your efforts. And, go beyond your comfort zone.

You need to focus on social media, mobile and search engines. Together, you need to build a strong marketing strategy. As a result, your brand is likely to see better engagement.

Myth 2: Content is Not Essential 

As quoted previously, many businesses believe that posting content once is adequate. Well, that is certainly not the case. Apart from building a beautiful website, with all the nicks and knacks, you need engaging content. When you want a steady inflow of traffic, content has to be updated frequently. The importance of content marketing can never be understated.

Content is king in SEO. What you post should be both relevant and appealing to target audiences.

Myth 3: It’s Always Technical

This myth can be true or false. Technology does play a crucial role in SEO. But, digital marketing is a mature form of traditional efforts. Just because you are a professional digital marketer, you shouldn’t neglect the traditional ways. Blending these two worlds is essential. It can change your ROI by leaps and bounds. What you learn from traditional marketing will become simpler and cost-effective with digital technologies. Most marketers take months, if not years to understand this.

5 Common Myths in Digital Marketing

Companies that focus on traditional ways of marketing don’t need to stop working and start from scratch. What they really have to do is evolve from their old ways to newer ones.

Myth 4: Marketing One-to-One is Impossible 

This might sound like an elusive goal. However, it is not impossible to engage in one-to-one marketing. The credibility of any brand increases with this technique. To understand more about your customers, you need to measure and analyze existing interests. Even simple things like including your customer’s name in the email will make a difference.

5 Common Myths in Digital Marketing

Myth 5: There are Too Many Social Media Networking Sites 

Yes, there are many social media networking sites. And, new ones are going to come.

Only some social media sites will work for your business. You need to invest more time and effort in these platforms. This is where the trick lies. Figuring out sites that work well for you can be a challenge.


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