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In today’s time, our craving for entertainment has been increasing day by day. Earlier, we were satisfied by watching only old movies but now we don’t feel relaxed until we watch the latest movies and web series. The number of films which are released today is much higher than it was in past times. Also, the trend of web series was not in the earlier times. 

In old times we had only one-two option to watch movies which were Doordarshan & Theaters. We can easily understand that watching movies in theatres was not everyone’s cup of tea. Most people also rent a VCD, CD or DVD player to watch movies at home. But these days we can easily watch the latest movies online and that too just after release. 

Where to Watch Latest Movies?

Nowadays, there are plenty of OTT platforms available to watch the latest movies and web series but you have to take subscriptions to watch the movies on these platforms. There are always most people who want to watch this content without paying any subscription charges and for those people, there are too many pirated websites available to watch the latest content online. In today’s article, we are going to inform you about one of the pirated movie websites which are movierulz. We will be discussing all the important aspects of this movie website.

What is Movierulzz App?

This is an unlawful website that delivers the latest compilation of movies that you can download and watch free of cost through a website or mobile app. This is one of the largely searched and visited illegal Bollywood, Hollywood movies and Web Series sites that authorizes users to download a large collection of TV shows and pirated movies for free. 

How Does Movierulz Work?

Movierulz uploads movies like pirated content on its platform. On this platform various people that are from different places of the world download movies and web series. The visitors of these websites select from different types of movies and download their most favourite content easily. If a visitor wants to see movies from an illegal website then firstly they need to access the website by entering the particular domain name. 

These types of unlawful websites often change the name of their domain extension and then leak video content on that website. Through these pirated websites, the best effort of the movie industry goes in vain as these websites leak the original content of the movies and web series. These types of pirated websites not only leak Bollywood movies but also Hollywood and other languages movies. They also offer various TV shows, Web Series, documentaries, Short Films etc. 

Why Choose Movierulzz?

Movierulz is known as one of the best online streaming sites, now we are going to know why this website is the choice of most people.

  • Great Collection of Content

This website offers a wide range of movies in High-Definition Quality and there is no negligible interruption while watching a movie on the site. This site has the latest and old movies both, also this site has many TV series which are becoming the latest craze amongst the viewers. Content on this website is not only restricted to Hindi or English but also has a huge collection of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi etc. We can easily say that this website has something to offer for everyone. 

  • High-Quality Content

This website is known as Torrent Site, where besides streaming the content online it also provides the service to download HD movies. On these websites, there are various formats to watch content like 720p and 1080p HD. Also, this website offers numerous video formats like DVDScr and Blu-ray. If you are in the mood to watch your favourite video content in High-Definition print then Movierulz is the right place for you.

  • User-Friendly Interface

The user interface of this website is very user-friendly and very good. The user interface of this video is very simple and feasible for both new & old users both. All the users won’t face any difficulty while browsing Movierulz. There is a bar on the homepage of the website which makes it very easy for users to find a movie that they want to watch and the visitors don’t need to visit the entire website to browse a single movie. 

  • Regular Updates

This movie website has no big technical glitch and there is an update in the website on almost a day-on-day basis. The admin of the Website is adding the latest collection daily. New release content is made available as soon as they are released. Initially, the theatre point of a newly released movie is uploaded which soon gets reinstated by the HD version for download purposes. There is also a selection that is the most-loved Film of all the TV series buffs. 

  • Movierulz App

Movierulz has gone the additional mile to prepare the movie-watching occurrence for its users to be smooth, convenient and wonderful. Besides, there is also an app accessible for it that one can use to download its APK files to their mobile devices. 

Is it Illegal to Watch or Download Movies From Movierulz?

Movierulz always broadcasts pirated movies, short films, web series, TV serials and movies in several languages. Because the content is pirated, the constitution discourages a person from visiting such websites. That is the reason that seeing or downloading movies from Movierulzz is considered illegal. 

Each country has their mechanism to stop such websites from loading in third countries. If anyone visits websites like movierulzz through illegal means like VPN, then it is considered a crime or offence. Various governments have their laws and penalties for people seeing copyrighted work on pirated sites. 

If someone watches pirated movies on this type of website a huge penalty is put on them. Apart from the penalty, some countries have a law that can even arrest a person for watching prohibited content online. We always suggest our users read the cyber law in your region before accessing that kind of website. 

Why is Movierulz Banned In Some Locations?

The use of Movierulz is banned in India and the US because of an obvious reason, as Movierulzz always publishes pirated content. Due to Movierulz, the film industry has to face huge losses. Although Movierulzz composes to bring our favourite films to our screen as soon as they are broadcasted. We can’t ignore the truth that they are certainly involved in the illegal business of content piracy.

How to Access Movierulz Safely?

As Movierulzz is an online platform that hosts unlawful content one may find it difficult to access it occasionally. To confirm that they often get what they are seeking, Movierulz engages in various smart systems. 

Multiple Website Domains

Despite there being so many multiple attempts to block or ban this website, it is still active. It brings about the use of proxy sites as a reference for survival on the internet. Movierulz keeps shifting its servers and has particular extensions accessible that provide alternative ways of accessing the very same site. Therefore, if one discovers it is difficult to attain any server, they can try other alternate titles.

Below mentioned are some of those alternate domains that are:

  • Movierulz. ol
  • Movierulz. me
  • Movierulz. nh

Installation of VPN

If you are living in a region where Movierulz is strictly banned but you can use Movierulz through VPN. The VPN hides your actual location and selects the IP address of a country where Movierulzz isn’t banned and thus you can easily access it and enjoy your favourite movie. 

Install or Update Your Antivirus Software

All of the pirated websites like Movierulzz are recognized to be the centre of all the viruses and hackers. Thus, it is forever reasonable to take the protection and keep antivirus software revised. 


While the use of legal alternatives is stimulated, if you’re one of those people who want to pay to contemplate their favourite movies, Movierulzz is surely an alternative worth the deliberation. It’s an outstanding exhibition of HD Quality Content, Fast Streaming and Downloading everything for no money is a catch. Movierulzz has governed to make a streak in the field by assuring that the users are never frustrated. 

The intention of various proxy addresses Chobits how out of the way they are ready to satisfy their viewers. If you have been glancing at such a platform for a while directly it seems like you have to look no further. 


What is Movierulz?

This is an unlawful website that delivers the latest compilation of movies that you can download and watch free of cost through a website or mobile app.

Which type of movies is available on Movierulz?

You can find Bollywood, Hollywood, Regional Movies, Web Series and TV shows.

Is Movierulz an illegal website?

Movierulz often released pirated movies, short films, web series, TV serials and movies in various languages. Because the content is pirated, the law prevents a person from browsing such websites. That is the reason that seeing or downloading movies from Movierulz is deemed illegal.


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