Mixer vs Twitch – Choose Best Live-Streaming Platform

Hey there! So you are streaming your gameplay on Twitch or Mixer? Or do You want to start streaming on Twitch or Mixer? Are you confused, which is the better option? Is it Twitch or Mixer? What will your audience like?

If you have these all questions in your mind and are looking for answers. Congrats! You have come to the right place.

In this blog, we will be reading about Twitch vs Mixer and which one should you choose. Therefore to make your streaming experience better for you and your audience, read the full blog.

Without further ado, let’s read about the pros and cons of both the streaming services that are available to us.

Pros of Twitch

  • Bigger Audience

Every one of us knows what Twitch is. Twitch is the most popular name in the streaming services available to us in the market. Twitch has a bigger audience as compared to all the other streaming services such as a mixer. Twitch has almost millions of active users on its platform per month. And this number doesn’t stop growing.

Mixer vs Twitch

That’s why if you are a streamer who is entirely looking for an online gaming community, Twitch is the best option for you.

  • Monetary Services/ Affiliate Program

If you want to earn money while streaming games, Twitch is here to help you. You can easily earn money while streaming on Twitch by either joining an Affiliate Program or you can also become a partner in Twitch.

To become an Affiliate and Partner, you have to complete certain requirements of Twitch. These requirements are as follows-

  1. Stream at least 500 minutes in the 30 days with at least seven unique broadcasts at the same time to become an affiliate on Twitch.
  2. To become a partner in Twitch, you have to stream for 26 hours in a single month on at least 12 different days with an average of over 75 viewers in the last month.

Also, the benefits of Affiliate and Partner Programs are different. You can choose whatever you like. With Affiliating in Twitch, you get

  • The access for audience to subscribe to your channel for only $4.99/m
  • Letting people cheer using bits
  • One subscriber emotes
  • Priority streaming access

 On the other hand, the Partner program in Twitch offers you-

  • Custom cheer emotes
  • Up to 50 subscribers emote slots
  • The ability to run adverts
  • A greater revenue split from each subscription
  • Longer VOD storage
  • Priority support
  • Faster payment

That means Twitch is sort of friendly in terms of earning. You should try at least one of the programs to make your streaming more fun and valuable at the same time. Moreover, there are various ways to donate and get donations on Twitch. From here, you can read about how to cheer on Twitch and some other useful ways.

  • Better Analytics

It is a well-known fact that Twitch provides the most analytics in good readability as compared to all the other streaming services. Twitch allows you to analyse the audience by letting you know who is watching your gameplay and for how much time and other interesting statistics as well.

Now there are many other advantages as well, But let’s now look into the pros of Mixer.

Pros of Mixer

  • Instant Streaming Technology

We all know there is always a little delay in streaming gameplay whether it is in sending messages or viewers seeing the reply, etc. Mixer beats all the streaming services in this matter. Streaming on Mixer feels like butter. There is no delay in streaming services as long as you don’t have a poor internet connection.

Mixer vs Twitch
  • Community Control

If you are a popular streamer, you might have encountered hate comments at least once on Twitch or other platforms. But Mixer isn’t possible. You can entirely control your audience; that means you can keep toxic people out of your community. It allows you to stream with all the positive people and better focus.

  • X-BOX Integration

We all know that Twitch is owned by Amazon and Mixer is owned by Microsoft. So if you want to stream your gameplay using Windows PC or X-Box, there can’t be a better option other than using Mixer. Mixer’s built-in support for Microsoft PCs and Xbox allows the user to stream fast and smoothly.

As we read the Pros of both streaming applications, let us now look into the Cons of both to get a clear vision.

Cons of Twitch

  • Struggle for Beginners

As we know, Twitch has a large audience compared to Mixer. It is a good option for already a Popular gamer. If you are new to streaming on Twitch, you have to do a lot of struggle to make a place in the list of Top streamers on Twitch.

  • Less Support

Windows and X-Box streamers encounter a bug or a lag here and there while streaming on Twitch. Well, this may seem not very important, but in terms of user experience that is your audience may find it annoying. So if you are using a PC or X-Box for gameplay, it is better that you start streaming on the Mixer in the first go.

Now let us read the Cons of Mixer so that we can compare and analyse.

Cons of Mixer

  • Poor Ratio of Audience to Streamers

Well, we all know there are fewer people in the audience while streaming on Mixer. Most of the people on Mixer are streamers which means it is hard to gain an audience while using Mixer.

  • Monetary Issues

Earning on Mixer while streaming isn’t as easy as doing the same on Twitch. It is a complex system, and even if you start earning, you can not earn a lot as the audience is low as compared to Twitch.

  • Poor Support on PlayStation

As we have read Mixer is owned by Microsoft and has better in-built options for streaming on Windows PC and X-Box. This feature acts as a disadvantage while streaming on PlayStation. You can’t simply stream on PlayStation using Mixer.


To conclude, we can say that both Mixer and Twitch are the best in their fields. It all depends on the user how they use it and the purpose behind the streaming. If you are a PlayStation Gamer and want to earn while streaming on PlayStation, Twitch is the best option for you.

On the other hand, If you are a Windows or X-Box gamer and just want to stream with your friends or just for the fun of it, Mixer is the best option for you.


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