Top 3 Mistakes Made by Digital Marketers

Everyone has bad habits! Some tend to sleep late, and others have the habit of pricking their nails. Bad habits have become an integral part of our daily lives. Even when bad habits don’t affect our daily lives to a great extent – they can cause trouble in digital marketing.

Well, we are not referring to your sleeping, or eating patterns. Bad habits in digital marketing are completely different. And, most marketers make a ton of these mistakes!

Many times, when you engage in digital marketing, you will come across places where things can be improved. You’d feel, “I could have done it better”. These are areas you need to focus on. Try to change the mistakes, before they cost you the whole marketing strategy.

In this post, you will read about three common mistakes made by digital marketers.

Mistake #1: Scared to Fail! 

Most digital marketers want to see immediate results. They are not prepared to fail. This can be catastrophic. Digital marketing is a dynamic environment. There is no way of assuring success with every move. You are bound to see failures along the way. As a professional, you should be prepared to acknowledge the unknown.

mistakes made by digital marketers

Many times, you must be prepared to bid goodbye to old ways. And, you should follow a new path. Failure will help you rethink your comfort zone. When you fail in digital marketing, you get a step closer to something that actually works. So, never be afraid to fall a couple of times in this industry. It is inevitable.

Fix: The best way to handle failure is by understanding what could get you closer to customers. Gather more insight on what your customers are aiming for. 

Mistake #2: Customers are at the end of the Funnel

Are you making a lot of changes to your business model, and forgetting about customers? Well, you are making a grave mistake. Most businesses don’t have the time needed to respond to social media queries, comments or feedback.

This can take you several years behind! If you want to generate new leads, and see more business – stay active. You don’t need a hundred social media accounts. Just a few on reputed social media sites are enough. What makes a difference would be the actual level of activity.

mistakes made by digital marketers

Fix: Stay alive in your social media sites. Digital marketing focuses on building trust. Your strategy should keep customers first. 

Mistake #3: Worried about Content

Finally, are you extremely worried about your content? Content creation and marketing are crucial for SEO. But, this is not the core.

Not posting content will not affect your Google rank. What truly matters are quality and customer engagement. Spewing posts after posts on your website will not make a big change to your social media rank. This is because content marketing is just a part of SEO.

mistakes made by digital marketers

Fix: When you post content, research and brainstorm more on the topic. Ensure that your post adds more value to the reader. It must not reinvent the wheel. Stay authentic and genuine about you post. 


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