Top 5 Marathi Sticker Apps for Android Users

There was a time when we would have to make emojis using characters in an online chat room? Or in cell phones where you would have to press the same key 3-4 times to reach the desired character. But with all the GIFs, Stickers, Animations, and Emojis plain texting is old news. We are so habituated with fast texting that that emojis day I just talked about seems ages ago.

A study on the use of emoticons showed that 97% of the people involved felt that using emoticons/emojis made them feel that they were better understood as compared to plain texting.

Stickers and emojis make your conversations more fun. But you know what makes conversations feel more personal, talking with your loved ones in your native language.

Our native language or the language you have grown up using will always have a special place in your heart and in your mind. A special place that feels like home.

And if you don’t know this already then there is a way to mix the fun of emojis and stickers, and the connection of native language.

This goes for Marathi as well. There are trends and movies that you would like to add to your conversation but there is no easy way.

That’s why I curated this list of best Marathi Stiker apps. To use all the fun and amazing Marathi Stickers, GIFs, and Emojis all you need to do is download one or more of these apps that are made exclusively for the Marathi audience.

Here is a curated list of 6 Best Marathi Sticker Application you can choose from.

1 – Marathi Stickers By Codinger IT solutions

Play Store Rating – 4.4

For all you WhatsApp users out there this is the best sticker app for you. It is very easy to use and has many stickers packs to help you quickly find the right sticker at the right moment.

2 – Marathi Stickers for WhatsApp (WASticker Apps) By Fans Media

Play Store Rating – 4.0

This app is also quite popular for its fun Marathi Sticker collection. Along with stickers, you also get a wide range of Marathi Quotes and Marathi Status for WhatsApp. There are sticker packs with popular Marathi phrases that you can use to stand out in a group chat. You can share all these things on various social media platforms.

3 – Marathi Stickers for WhatsApp By Royal Tiger

Play Store Rating – 3.8

This app has different types of Marathi text Stickers such as Greetings, daily words, Festivals. It lets you add sticker packs and share it with your friends and social groups.

4 – Shuddh Marathi Stickers By Shuddh Tech

Play Store Rating – 4.3

Another great addition to make sure you have your hands all the trendy Marathi Stickers. It has a bunch of sticker pack categories that are fun to cruise through and select your favorite.

5 – Marathi Stickers By NP2 Apps

Play Store Rating – 4.0

Express your feelings in the Marathi with Marathi Stickers stickers on the most popular social media apps using this app. You can directly share these stickers on many social media platforms. Although it mostly has stickers of popular Marathi texts and Phrases.

Now that we have talked about stickers, Emojis, and GIFs for all the Marathi Audience. Let me tell you about an easier way that you can use to get all these things at one place that will add those missing charm to your online Marathi conversation.

This Marathi Keyboard app will add fun to your everyday conversation. Typing in Marathi will make you feel closer to your loved ones and this app makes it easier for you to do so.

It understands the unique Marathi Accent so you can use its text to voice feature and let the keyboard type for you. You wouldn’t have to download any additional sticker applications with this Marathi Keyboard as it comes with its own huge library of funny Marathi stickers and GIFs.

With its customization feature, you can make custom stickers. These custom stickers can either have your face on them or can have custom text written in Marathi. And there are always trendy sticker packs updates to keep you updated on the latest trends.

There is also a section of jokes, Shayaris, and quotes for you to share with your loved ones (This is especially useful for all the WhatsApp group admins). The application has an amazing prediction algorithm that helps it understand your intent, this helps you type and send the right Marathi sticker/gif at the right time.

So if you are looking for the ultimate Marathi typing Experience then look no further.

Get the ultimate Marathi typing experience with this Marathi Keyboard!


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