Making Money on YouTube is Tough! Before Becoming a YouTuber, Grasp This Key Fact

Making money on YouTube has become the top-most side hustle of many people worldwide, however, a big piece of news has emerged about Google-owned YouTube. This news might surprise people who want to become YouTubers. Now, YouTube is taking its policies very seriously. YouTube has removed 2.25 million videos from the platform.

What’s surprising is that all these videos were removed from India. The company says they violated community guidelines, leading to strict action against them. YouTube released a report on this on Tuesday.

These are the most videos to be removed between October and December 2023. YouTube did this in 30 countries, but the highest number was from India. Singapore (1,243,871) and America (788,354) rank second and third respectively. Iraq’s name is last on this list, with 41,176 videos.

Globally, 9 million videos have been removed from YouTube. This can be seen as a significant action by YouTube. Around 53.46 percent of these videos were removed because they didn’t get any views. Another 27.07 percent were removed after getting 1 to 10 views. YouTube provided this information through a statement.

YouTube is very strict about its community guidelines. Uploaders may face difficulties due to this. Before uploading anything, you should double-check. Duplicate content was also part of this issue. YouTube removed about 20 million channels in Q4 2023. The spam policy is also being strictly enforced. YouTube is also taking action on comments, automatically deleting controversial ones.

Ever Wonder The Number Of People Who Are Making Money on YouTube?

Over 2 Million people are making money on YouTube worldwide.

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