LiquidWeb Hosting – Expert Review

In addition to dedicated server hosting, LiquidWeb specializes in the managed virtual private server (VPS) and cloud hosting services.

Fast reaction times and trained support workers have made them famous for their Heroic Support. To find out if Liquid Web is a good fit for you, read our in-depth assessment written by a LiquidWeb expert.

About Liquid Web

There are currently over 500,000 websites hosted by LiquidWeb, with ten data centers worldwide. They have VPS, Cloud, and dedicated server hosting options available to their clients. However, they do not offer shared hosting as part of their services. Since its inception in 1997, Liquid Web has grown to serve over 30,000 customers in more than 150 countries.

Numerous well-known companies, such as Motorola, Red Bull, ESPN, and United Way, rely on them for their marketing and advertising needs. Lansing, Michigan, is home to Liquid Web’s headquarters, where they operate three of its data centers. Additional data centers can be found in Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, and Amsterdam, to name just a few cities.

Liquid Web plans and prices

Liquid Web provides feature-rich, hassle-free managed WordPress hosting, with storage capacity ranging from 100GB to 1TB, depending on your package.

Liquid Web Hosting Plan features

WordPress powers a  whopping 25 percent of the Internet. It is one of the most commonly used content management systems. For this reason, web hosting firms are increasingly offering hosting plans tailored to this platform. Liquid Web is one company that provides such web hosting services.

Hosts Dedicated to WordPress

After being in business since 1997, it wasn’t until 2015 that this company launched its managed WordPress hosting packages at WordCamp US. Liquid Web, a relatively new player in the managed WordPress hosting market, has set a high bar for other service providers. Find out what to expect from their services by reading this Liquid Web contained WordPress hosting overview.

Do you use Woo Commerce?

Moreover, if you are a WooCommerce customer, you will want to check out LiquidWeb. Liquid Web’s WooCommerce-optimized hosting packages are among the best in the industry, although many other hosts offer WordPress hosting. As a small business owner, you’ll want to do everything to avoid poor performance, which directly affects revenues.

Specialised Hosting

Finally, LiquidWeb offers Support for ASP.NET web applications if you’re a Microsoft user who needs specialized hosting. When comparing Liquid Web’s managed Word Press hosting services, five alternatives are to select from. These are some of the ideas:

• Personal

  • Professional
  • Agency
  • Enterprise
  • Plus Agency
  • Commerce

Depending on your package, hosting between 10 and 200 WordPress sites is possible, while storage space runs from 100GB to 1TB.

Lower level plans and pricing

Compared to another web hosting, Liquid Web’s starting prices are a little more. The fact that they offer VPS-based WordPress hosting is part of the reason. Other web servers often sell add-ons, but this one comes with a lot of them already.

Control Panel

Your website’s hosting environment and server can be managed using the Plesk control panel from Liquid Web. Many people use it, even if it’s not as popular as cPanel.

Plesk Features

Mobile administration is made possible by Plesk’s Android and iOS apps. Small company entrepreneurs will appreciate this.

Virtual Private Server environment

As opposed to shared hosting, VPS servers are well-known for their superior performance. For this reason, Liquid Web has decided to offer VPS-based managed WordPress hosting. HipHop VM, usually referred to as HHVM, powers their managed WordPress Hosting. Using this virtual machine architecture is the only way to run WordPress to build the PHP programming language. WordPress’s performance likewise improves as PHP speeds up.

Fully managed Word Press Hosting

Updating WordPress and its plug-ins might be difficult when your website is hosted on a shared server. When you use Liquid Web to host your website, the content management system (CMS) WordPress and its add-ons will receive automatic upgrades.

Site Speed Optimized for Word Press Suite

Fast-loading websites are essential in today’s highly competitive internet economy. Better user experiences and higher conversion rates are the byproducts of a website’s faster page load speeds. Using technologies like Memcached and Mod PageSpeed, Liquid Web ensures a fast site performance for all of its managed WordPress servers.

Free Site Transfers

Due to Liquid Web’s free migration service, you can quickly transfer it over to their servers at no additional cost if you currently have a WordPress website.

Advantages and disadvantages of using liquidweb

Liquid Web has several advantages.


  • All plans come with Global Sign SSL certificates.
  • Liquid Web does not charge you based on the number of visits to your site if you have a lot of traffic. All managed WordPress hosting plans provide unlimited traffic to a site’s pages.
  • There are Solid State Drives in all servers.
  • Guaranteed uptime for all customers.
  • Heroic Support promises a rapid response time.
  • Free of charge, we’ll help you move your website.


  • The cost of entrance is high.
  • There are no free ad credits.

How is Liquid Web in terms of uptime and performance?

Since all of Liquid Web’s servers feature solid-state discs, the company’s on-site performance remains unaffected. SSDs are more expensive than conventional hard discs. SSDs, on the other hand, is known to provide data significantly more quickly and with more reliability. Small business owners should use a web host that stores data on solid-state drives (SSDs).

Centers for Liquid Web Data

The corporation owns and operates three data centers in Michigan, Arizona, and Lansing, as of the time of this assessment. Liquid Web guarantees a 99.9% network uptime because of its complete command over the infrastructure. All three data centers use cutting-edge technologies to ensure that the network is always available.

Optional Uptime Enhancements

LiquidWeb uses up to four Tier 1 bandwidth providers to ensure minimal latency and fast connections at all times. In a power loss, servers at Liquid Web are unlikely to be affected because the company has backup generators and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

How does Liquid web keep your site protected?

Data security is a need for any trustworthy web host. There are numerous dangers to your data’s safety and availability when hosted offsite.

Security for a website

As far as website security is concerned, LiquidWeb is adamant in its efforts to protect the privacy and security of data stored on its servers.

Firewall Protection

Every server hosted by Liquid Web has a CSF firewall installed by default. Anyone concerned about hackers will be pleased to hear this. The managed WordPress hosting services feature SSL site encryption as standard equipment.

Nightly Backups

You offer a secure checkout that will not leak consumer credit card details with your website secured. In a data loss catastrophe, Liquid Web also provides free nightly site backups scheduled by Liquid Web.

Does LiquidWeb handle site backups?

On-Server Restore

LiquidWeb servers allow for backups to be made without using a control panel. It remains valid for their dedicated, cloud dedicated, and virtual private server (VPS) solutions. Linux systems utilize Cpanel or Plesk, whereas Windows uses Plesk.

Backups Stored in the Cloud

They use a different method for cloud server backups than they do for dedicated server backups. The Cloud Platform of Liquid Web includes its Cloud Backups. Every day, the entire server is backed up. In their own data centers, these backups are stored on nodes.


LiquidWeb isn’t a good fit for small businesses or individuals just getting their online presence. A shared hosting solution is not available, and their prices are prohibitive for many people.

But if you’re searching for a high-quality web host, we can’t say enough wonderful things about them. Excellent customer service and fast website loading speeds are just some of the features that make this an excellent service.


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