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KWfinder is one of the best and cheapest SEO tools that help generate long-tail keywords to easily rank your site.

Mangools are the founder of KWfinder. I totally understand your concern and hard work that you put in making a site, and then you wait for a few days to check the ranking of your site. Also, I understand that terrible feeling when you came to know that your site is not ranked in the top ten websites.

What if I tell you a solution for this issue? And what if you get a chance to rank your site in no time? You must be wondering what the solution is. Well, it is straightforward. You can use KWfinder to get the long-tail keywords for the best and top ranking of your site. 

We are going to conduct a detailed review of KWfinder based on different factors. You will get a complete idea about its working and its features after reading our review. It will be easy to opt-out of this software for finding your desired keywords. Following are the factors upon which we are going to conduct a detailed review of KWfinder:

  • Features of KWfinder
  • Pricing and plans of KWfinder
  • Pros and cons of KWfinder

Features of KWfinder

KWfinder is one of the best software to find out the keywords that will rank your site in no time. There is a vast list of features of KWfinder:

kwfinder review

Best infrastructure

Although the infrastructure is not visible to the users, KWfinder has improved its infrastructure to provide immediate results to the users. The new infrastructure makes sure that the metrics are presented to the users immediately, and they don’t have to wait longer.

Keywords import option

Sometimes, you have your own list of keywords that you want to check with the help of software. Don’t worry if there is a long list of keywords. KWfinder gives you the option to import as many keywords as you want.

Options to search by locations

Some software gives you the opportunity to search your keywords according to a specific location or area. KWfinder doesn’t work in this way. It provides the option to its users to not only search keywords according to a particular country, but also according to a particular city or state. 

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New metrics

The previous version of KWfinder contains some of the parameters like Google page ranks and twitter share etc. These metrics are of no use, and hence they have decided to remove them from the software and add some new metrics like estimated visits to it to help the users.

More accuracy

As we have discussed above that KWfinder has added some new metrics to the software. The benefit of adding those metrics is it increases the efficiency. With the help of those metrics, the software can now give you results for more accurate keywords. 

Search volume

With the help of KWfinder, the users can now get an accurate idea about the number of their keyword searches during the whole year. The best part is, it will show you the correct amount of search volume. 

New and best user interface

KWfinder has the best and easy to use interface. The previous version is not that simple and easy to use, but it has improved a lot. The new version of the software is now easy to use, and all of the above, you can use it on your tablet.

Local keyword research

Every country has different states and cities. The place where you live has a significant impact on the ranking of your site. You must have used only those keywords that are best according to your area. KWfinder fives you access to find the best matching keyword according to your area. 

Accurate keywords

There are many different software available in the market that provides you the option to accurately find your keywords. You may have used a few of them, and if you did, then you have the idea that the results are not 100% accurate. It is not the case with KWfinder. You can search for the most specific keywords using this software. 

SERP analysis

SERP means search engine results pages. With the help of KWfinder, you can now search the keywords that have a good search volume on different pages of search engines. It is indeed a significant factor when you are searching for the best keywords. 

Google suggested keywords

Google suggested keywords are the actual keywords that Google generates using its algorithms. KWfinder is providing the facility to its users to produce the best possible keywords according to the suggestion of Google. 

Bigger search volume

When you have your own list of keywords that you want to find using KWfinder, it gives you the option to import them all in the software. Once you have imported all of them into the software, you can effortlessly search about their volume using KWfinder. Don’t consider the size of your keywords document. 

Keywords filtration

KWfinder has a fantastic feature of keywords filtration. It means when you have a massive list of keywords, KWfinder will tell you about the keywords that will not give you the amount of profit that you want to earn. It is the best way to choose only those keywords that will provide you with a profit. 

Accurate keyword difficulty

You can get an idea about the keyword difficulty using KWfinder. It is one of the best tools that accurately tell the user about the difficulty of a keyword. 

Now when we have all the ideas about its features, the next step is to understand the plans and pricing of KWfinder. 

Pricing and plans of KWfinder

KWfinder is providing two main types of plans to its users. One is monthly, and the other plan is a yearly plan. We will see the details of both of them one by one. Other than both of these plans, it is offering ten days free trial plan to the users. Following are the programs offered by KWfinder:


Monthly plan

The monthly plan of KWfinder consists of the following three plans:

  • Mangools basic plan
  • Mangools premium plan
  • Mangools agency plan

Mangools basic plan

The basic plan includes up to 100 keywords lookups every 24 hours. In addition, it provides 25 competitor keywords, 100 SERP lookups, 200 keywords suggestion per search, and 200 tracked words daily. However, the basic plan won’t allow users for simultaneous logins. You will get it for $49 per month.

Mangools premium plan

The monthly premium plan includes up to 500 keywords lookups every 24 hours. You will get unlimited competitor keywords, 500 SERP lookups, 700-keyword suggestion, and 700 tracked words daily. Unlike the basic package, it allows three-time simultaneous logins to users. You can get it for $69 per month.

Mangools agency plan

The agency plan includes up to 1200 keywords lookups every 24 hours. You will get unlimited competitor keywords, 1200 SERP lookups, 700-keyword suggestion, and 1200 tracked words daily. In addition, it allows ten times simultaneous logins to users. It is available to you for $129 per month.

Yearly plans

Yearly plans are also divided into the same three categories as monthly plans. The only difference between the two is pricing. If you chose yearly plans, you would get a huge discount on the pricing. It means you will get the basic plan for only $29.90 instead of $49, premium plan for only $39.90 instead of $69, and agency plan for only $79.90 instead of $129 per month. 

Pros and cons of KWfinder

Just like all other software, KWfinder has some positive and negative sides as well. 

Pros of KWfinder

Following are the advantages of using KWfinder:

  • It has a very user-friendly interface
  • The results that it shows have an accurate search volume. This factor is absent in most of the software, but you will find an accurate search volume if you use KWfinder.
  • It provides the best difficulty scores of searched keywords.
  • You can use the web-based application of KWfinder, and you will not find any issues related to speed and compatibility.
  • It has the most reasonable prices according to the whole market.

Cons of KWfinder

Following are the disadvantages of KWfinder:

  • You can search your required keywords using KWfinder, but it will not help you with the analysis results, and you will need a separate competitor analysis tool along with it to do your work.
  • If anyone spends more than three to four hours a day in search of keywords, then this software is not right for you.

KWfinder is excellent and very easy to use software from all aspects. You must have an idea about all aspects after going through our detailed review. 

Final Words:

I hope this post I’ll help you a lot and you found some really cool KWFinder tools for your blogs which you don’t know.

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