Kinsta Reviews : Details, Pricing, & Features

Kinsta has all the performance and scalability advantages you’d expect from a cloud-based host with a clean and intuitive user experience. For those willing to pay the premium price for a top-notch support team of WordPress developers, you’ve got a premium hosting alternative.

It’s impossible to find more server power and optimization than with Kinsta, a cloud-based host for WordPress. My performance testing put it head and shoulders above the rest of the field. Inconveniently, the prices are prohibitively high.

Kinsta Plans

Small and large enterprises can benefit from the company’s tiered pricing structure. All of Kinsta’s service plans share the same set of features, making it stands out from the competition. You won’t have to pay for an upgrade to use a specific part.

The storage space and the number of WordPress sites a user can host increase with each level of service, which is the primary difference between the plans.

Range of Plans

The Starter Plan allows you to host a single website. Enterprise-level subscriptions will enable you to host an unlimited number of websites. Pricing is determined solely by the maximum number of monthly visits any plan can accommodate.

Overuse the service will result in a $1.00 fee per 1,000 visits if you exceed the visitor limit. Because of this, it’s essential to keep track of these data. Of course, all of this is avoidable.

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting Technical Information

In addition to the above Kinsta highlights, there are a few other Kinsta features that you may find interesting:

Caching the content of a website

There are four kinds of caching in place, including caching at the server level and a caching plugin built into WordPress.

Content Delivery Network

The entry-level Kinsta plan allows 50 GB of CDN consumption per month; higher programs allow more.


With a single click, switch between PHP 7.4, 8.0, and 8.1.


The CDN and the servers both make use of this protocol.


Install Let’s Encrypt’s free SSL certificate or your own.


You’ll need secure FTP access when you want to upload or edit files on your webspace.

File management on the server

Only FTP access to the server space is available; there is no online file manager.

Database Access

phpMyAdmin is a browser-based tool for accessing the WordPress database.

Email Service

G Suite is the preferred email solution for Kinsta customers.

WordPress website Management

MyKinsta’s interface provides the ability to update WordPress, plugins, and themes, but no automated software upgrades.

Plugin restrictions

Caching, security, and optimization plug-ins are all on the restricted plugins list because they have the potential to slow down a website.

Safety precautions

GeoIP blocking, DDoS scanning, proactively stopping malicious code from entering the network, self-healing PHP, and the GCP firewall are just some safeguards to keep your site safe.

Post-hack clean up services.

If your site gets hacked while Kinsta hosts it, you will not be charged a cent.

Data centre locations

Server locations are available in 29 countries, including Australia and South America, and various the United States and Europe locations.

IP  Geolocation

For example, you can restrict access to specific sections of your website based on the location of your visitors.

Staging sites

All plans offer one-click deployment to the live site from a staging site.

WordPress website migration.

All hosting options include it for free.

Visitor analytics

MyKinsta’s dashboard provides information about your website’s traffic.

Uptime checks

Your site’s status is checked every five minutes in the event of an outage so that our support team can get in touch with you.

Support Channels

However, there is no way to contact customer service by phone.

Advantages and disadvantages of Kinsta

It’s super fast.

Additionally, faster website loading times impact search engine optimization (SEO), which can lead to increased conversions, longer visitor duration, and lower bounce rates. There’s a lot of helpful information on speed on this website. Two A+ scores for our test locations came from the speed checker.

Cloud-based Infrastructure Built for speed

It stands out since it only provides hosting for Google’s cloud servers. The traditional shared or dedicated hosting offered by its competitors is fundamentally different. The 29 Google Cloud server locations worldwide are also available to Kinsta users.

As a result, each of your Hosting WordPress sites in a data center close to your target audience reduces latency and speeds up page load times. As a bonus, Kinsta customers may now use Amazon Route 53’s premium DNS service to keep things running smoothly.

Inclusive Software to turbocharge you

Nginx, PHP 7, LXD software containers, and MariaDB are all part of the speed-obsessed architecture’ of Kinsta (their words, not ours). CDN is one of several Kinsta add-ons and plug-ins that we could go about, but for now, let’s focus on CDN.

Cloudflare, the world’s largest content delivery network, has joined forces with Kinsta! The resulting ‘Kinsta CDN’ enables Kinsta users to rapidly distribute their content to viewers worldwide at no additional expense.

99.9% Uptime guaranteed

Kinsta offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee backed by an SLA. Its cloud hosting infrastructure is clearly to blame for this vote of confidence. It is more likely that a website will remain available if cloud hosting implements infrastructure.

As if that weren’t enough, Kinsta performs minute-by-minute uptime checks and continuous monitoring. Kinsta will credit Your account if they don’t fix error response codes within 30 minutes. This assurance is valid 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Its nearly hands off.

As a result of the extensive feature set offered by Kinsta, maintaining and improving your website is simple and hassle-free.

Awesome Technical Support

Kinsta’s support crew is one of its greatest assets. Our WordPress and Linux hosting engineers are veterans, and we mean that. It indicates that the company’s technical help is among the best available. This company even boasts that they only hire 1% of the applicants they get!

Simple set-up and migration

 As soon as you created an account, our new dashboard appeared with various materials designed to aid everyone from complete novices to seasoned professionals, all within seconds.

 Peace of Mind

Kinsta provides a wide range of security options for your website.

Goal for Traffic Spikes

In the case of an unforeseen traffic increase, Kinsta’s interface with the Google Compute Engine allows a website’s container to extend dramatically to as many CPUs as needed. Keeping your WordPress site available without crashing because the cloud automatically scales to handle the load is possible. The most critical aspect of your website’s accessibility is its 24-hour availability. It’s terrible to have a site crash right when you’ve invested a lot of money in buying traffic or achieved virality.

Optimised for E-commerce sites

Honestly, Kinsta is fantastic news for any WordPress-based e-commerce business. WooCommerce, for example, is a free plugin that makes WordPress one of the most attractive platforms for small business owners. E-commerce sites, on the other hand, can quickly become resource-intensive and overburdened due to the abundance of plugins that are required to run them.


Steel price point

A premium WordPress hosting service, Kinsta, can be found here. Unfortunately, it comes at a high price. The base tier costs $35 a month, which is a lot of money. The most expensive plan costs up to and including $1,650 per month for the entire year.

While the yearly plan comes with two months of free service, it is still a monthly expense that may be prohibitive for smaller firms and is much pricier than almost every major rival. Since May 2018, there was an initial minimum of $100; it’s lovely to hear that it’s now just $80.

No e-mail hosting

Kinsta does not yet offer all of the features that a website owner needs to set up and administer a website fully. If you’re looking for an email address like, you’ll need to sign up for a separate email account.

Learn about the various email hosting services available and how to set them up in this post. Website owners who anticipate an all-in-one hosting solution for their paying money may be disappointed. In the long run, website owners will have to invest more money.

No telephone support

Kinsta does not currently offer phone assistance for its customers, unlike most competitors. Many people find it comforting to be able to dial a phone number and quickly speak to a human person about their issue. Kinsta’s rationale for making this decision is reasonable. To the point where they’ve penned a lengthy article explaining their actions.


In addition to offering lightning-fast WordPress hosting, Kinsta also boasts a 99.9% uptime guarantee and the ability to handle many simultaneous visitors. In addition, you’ll have access to useful tools like automatic website backups, security monitoring, and an easy-to-use staging environment.

The 24/7 live chat service provides excellent customer service. Compared to entry-level shared hosting, Kinsta’s pricing is on par with other managed WordPress hosting services. As a result of this, Kinsta is a giant leap forward in all aspects of web hosting.

It’s worth noting that Kinsta is an excellent option whether you’re searching for a quick and trustworthy host for your WordPress site or launching a new location on managed WordPress hosting.


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