10 Tips to Kick Start Your Career in Digital Marketing

Now is the best time to try any digital marketing industry. By investing in this market, you can boost your revenue by three times. If you are planning on a marketing career, here are a few points to help you.

Point#1 Learn

Just like every other trade, digital marketing calls for sincere learning. This industry is growing at a rapid pace. And, it is extremely competitive. You should be passionate about marketing if you want to stay ahead in this profile. This is what differentiates a normal marketer from those who are willing to learn. Eagerness to master the trade can take you a very long way.

Kick Start Your Career in Digital Marketing

Point#2 Up to Date

As mentioned previously, this industry is changing. Almost every social media networking site has improved. Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Google or Twitter – the sites have changed greatly. The paid advertisement models and algorithms are changed very often. It is important for you to follow these changes.

Point#3 Networking 

Digital marketing needs networking more than any other industry. Always stay in touch with talented people. Stick to folks who are aware of your challenges. Be a part of conferences, and events that focus on the latest advancements in marketing.

Point#4 Personal Tasks 

Digital marketing has plenty of room for personal projects. Through these projects, you can test your ideas. Not everything turns out to be black and white in marketing. There are grey areas which can be equally productive. Your personal projects must venture into topics like SEO, PPC, content marketing and social media networking.

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Point#5 Terminology

In the past few years, the number of terms used in marketing has increased by leaps and bounds. If you want to stay ahead in the competition, you need to be a master of these terms. All jargon in the industry, with procedures and weaknesses, should be understood.

Point#6 Personal Brand

Unlike many other professions, it is possible and essential to build a personal brand. Do you see yourself as a digital marketer for the next few years? If yes, show the world what you can do. An online presence is a great way of differentiating two marketing candidates.

Point#7 T-Shaped Web Marketers

Finding candidates who specialize in many marketing strategies is difficult. But, there are few who have mastered one or two. These professionals fall within the T-shaped model. They have sound knowledge of basic marketing strategies. Meanwhile, they have mastered two other “special” fields in marketing. This could be anything like content marketing, onsite marketing or more!

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Point#8 Be a Nerd

Often, marketing is tagged as a glamorous industry. Well, it is not as glamorous as you expect. This job is driven by facts and data. You cannot build successful websites without technical knowledge. Knowledge of HTML and design can give you an edge.

Point#9 Metrics

For a digital marketing, metrics can turn into lifelines. Concepts like PPC, and CTRs are too important. It is important to understand the effectiveness of your campaigns. And, metrics help with this.

Point#10 Certification

Last but certainly not least, you need to secure certifications. The digital marketing industry doesn’t stop people from entering. It has too many opportunities. This calls for a method that can differentiate the best from the rest. And, certifications prove to solve this problem.


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