Itel Super Guru 4G: Price, Specs & More Revealed, Is It Right for You?

Searching for a dependable phone that won’t even break the bank? The Itel Super Guru 4G is the only place to look! With all the features you require to stay updated and connected, this feature phone is surprisingly powerful for such a low price. The Itel Super Guru 4G is definitely something to think about if you’re a student on a limited budget or someone looking for a dependable additional device,

You will also receive 2 incredible features with this, which we will also discuss with you further in this post; so let’s begin,


Itel Super Guru 4G Price in India

The most interesting feature is the pricing, so let’s start there! In India, the Itel Super Guru 4G costs an affordable Rs. 1,799. That’s right, you can get a feature phone with 4G connectivity for less than two thousand rupees, opening up a world of possibilities. This makes it an excellent choice for people who value money above everything else without sacrificing necessary functionality.


Itel Super Guru 4G Specifications

However, the price of the Itel Super Guru 4G isn’t the only factor. It has some respectable specs for a basic phone. Below is an overview of what to expect:

Display: It has a small 2-inch VGA-resolution display. It’s not the best for watching movies, but it works well for routine things like navigating menus and reading messages.

Storage: The internal storage of feature phones is usually quite small. On the other hand, you may store music, pictures, and other information on the Itel Super Guru 4G thanks to its microSD card slot for expanded capacity.

Camera: It has a simple VGA back camera that works well for taking fast pictures and reading QR codes to make UPI payments.

Battery: This phone comes with a 1,000mAh battery. It is the ideal travel companion for people who are constantly on the go, as you can expect days of use on a single charge.

Connectivity: The phone excels in this area. With a compatible network and data plan, you may surf the internet, stream music, and make video calls using the Itel Super Guru 4G, as its name implies, which offers 4G connectivity. Additionally, Bluetooth is included for file sharing and wireless headset connections.

Itel Super Guru 4G Camera Review

To be honest, professional photography isn’t the intended use for the Itel Super Guru 4G. The purpose of the VGA rear camera is to scan QR codes and record everyday moments. Expect neither low-light performance nor high-resolution images. However, the camera is sufficient for everyday tasks like making UPI payments.

Itel Super Guru 4G Battery Life

As mentioned before, feature phones have excellent battery life. The Itel Super Guru 4G has a capacity of 1,000mAh, so you can expect to use it for many days between charges. This is a major advantage, especially for users who don’t have access to constant charging or prefer a phone that won’t die midway through the day.


Special Features: YouTube and UPI Support

The Itel Super Guru 4G is more than simply a phone and messaging device. Two fascinating features that improve its functionality are as follows:

YouTube: Use the integrated YouTube app to keep up with your preferred music videos, guides or entertainment channels. Enjoy basic streaming when connected to 4G.

UPI Support: You may make UPI payments by scanning QR codes with the VGA camera, doing away with the need for cash or debit cards. This makes the Itel Super Guru 4G a convenient option for making everyday purchases at shops and online vendors that accept UPI payments.


Itel Super Guru 4G Pros and Cons


  • Extremely Reasonable: The primary selling factor is its extremely low price, which makes it available to a large number of people.
  • 4G Connectivity: With 4G support, take advantage of the perks of faster browsing, video calls, and high-speed internet.
  • Long Battery Life: You can go days without charging your phone.
  • Expandable Storage: You can add a microSD card to the storage to add more room for music, pictures, and other stuff.


  • Small Display: If you enjoy viewing videos or playing video games on larger screens, the 2-inch display might not be for you.
  • Limited Storage: The microSD card slot is essential since internal storage may be limited.
  • Simple Camera: Don’t expect superb images or advanced camera functions.

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy the Itel Super Guru 4G?

For those looking for a reliable yet reasonably priced phone for basic communication, internet access and even a little entertainment, the Itel Super Guru 4G is a great choice. This feature phone is a great deal whether you’re a student on a tight budget, someone seeking a secondary device or a first-time phone user.

However, the Itel Super Guru 4G might not be the best option if you need a high-quality camera or value a huge display for long browsing, gaming or watching videos.

Ultimately, the choice is based on your personal requirements and preferences.


Q1. What is the price of the Itel Super Guru 4G in India?

At just Rs. 1,799, the Itel Super Guru 4G is incredibly affordable in India.

Q2. Does the Itel Super Guru 4G have internet access?

Yes, the Itel Super Guru 4G has 4G connectivity, so you can use it to stream music, browse web pages and access the internet.

Q3. Can I watch YouTube on the Itel Super Guru 4G?

Of course! With the integrated YouTube app, you can keep up with your favourite channels while on the go.

Q4. How long does the Itel Super Guru 4G battery last?

This phone comes with a 1,000mAh battery, so you should be able to use it for days between charges.


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