Instagram and Facebook Are Set to Introduce New Features Focused on Enhancing Child Safety

Facebook and Instagram are working on new privacy and security features for their young audience. The company is now launching some more new features that allow teens to control the content and search terms they see on the platform. Meta has now introduced new features, like Nighttime Nudges, Parental Supervision, and more.

Nighttime Nudge

Youngsters often get stuck scrolling through social media for hours, especially on platforms like Instagram’s Reels and direct messages. Due to this, he does not get enough sleep. To save kids from this trouble, Meta is introducing “Nighttime Nudges,” a new Instagram feature that aims to promote good sleep habits among youngsters. Whenever teens spend more than 10 minutes on Reels or Direct Messages late at night, this feature will gently remind them of the time and encourage them to log off the Instagram and Facebook apps as soon as possible.

Parental Supervision

Meta has already provided a new supervision feature for minors. Now parents can track how much time their children are spending on Facebook and Instagram. The main goal is to improve the privacy of the younger generation. These features were first available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, and have now expanded globally to include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and other platforms.

More Security Features

Instagram is also considering new tools for DMs that will help users avoid unnecessary people. The new function is based on security measures to prevent suspicious conduct and prevent individuals over the age of 19 from sending private messages to minors who do not follow them.


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