Indian Company Dixon Beats China in Making Smartphones

China has made fast progress in the smartphone market in just a few years. But now India is also catching up. Even though Chinese smartphones are sold in India, India has a dominant role in manufacturing. Only one Indian company dominates this entire market. The name of this company is Dixon.

Today we’ll talk about Dixon and how it has taken over the entire smartphone manufacturing market. Dixon Technology has also recently benefited from the PLI scheme of the Government of India.

How did it Begin?

Dixon was founded in 1993 by Sunil Vachani. Initially, his company made only colour TVs. However, later, the company expanded and started manufacturing air conditioners, microwave ovens, and DVD players. Dixon gained attention when it began making smartphones for Chinese companies.

In 2018, Dixon partnered with Xiaomi and started manufacturing LED TVs for the company. These TVs gained recognition in the market. Today, Dixon has made smartphones for brands ranging from Infinix, Tecno, and iTel to Samsung. Additionally, Dixon has manufactured smartphones for Xiaomi, Motorola, and Jio.

The Company’s Plant is in Noida

Dixon has a large manufacturing plant in Noida with a capacity of 30 million smartphones and 50 million feature phones from four plants in India. The company also manufactures Motorola smartphones and supplies them to America. Moreover, Dixon has exported smartphones to many other developed countries. The company has also established offices in many countries in the Middle East.


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