5 Easy Ways to Increase Visitors Average Time Spent on Site

When people spend very little time on your site, conversion rates will decrease and bounce rate will increase. This is why businesses want to improve the average time a user spends on their page. This change is not rocket science. It can be achieved through small changes to your website. Keep reading to learn more about these improvements.

Improve Your Design 

It takes a few seconds for a user to decide if they want to stay on a page or not. In this short span, you need to convince them. The first step is to clean your design.

  • Focus on the fold area, in the mobile and desktop view. The most important details should appear above the fold.
  • As they land on your website, navigating to critical details should be easy.
  • Always maintain a clean design.
  • And, avoid clutter. When users have fewer things to focus on, they would stay longer on the page.

Improve Readability

Undeniably, you’d have come across a dozen websites that are difficult to read. It is important to ensure that the website is easy to read on both mobile and desktop devices. The font size should be chosen with care. It must not be very big. The user will have to scroll down for more details. And, it should not be very small. As the user would have to zoom in for the details.

Additionally, you need to structure the content with care. Break large paragraphs into smaller ones. Introduce headings, bullets, lists and paragraphs.

Improve Image Quality 

Once your content falls in line, you need to focus on the images. When compared to text, most humans love to admire images. That is why popular brands have stunning photographs on their website. You don’t have to click all the pictures. Many times, businesses choose to buy photographs from shutter-stock and other popular websites.

Never insert the raw image from shutter-stock into your website. Always put in some effort and customize the picture. The quality of the image needs to be changed to support site loading speed. You have two interesting formats to pick from PNG and JPEG. If you are concerned about loading times, always opt for jpeg. If quality is your primary concern, stick to PNG. The images you insert depend strongly on the target audience.

Add Videos 

People from all norms of life admire the use of videos. On average, an active online user watches between 8 to 15 videos. This is because they are aiming for content, which can convey complicated facts in a simple manner. Videos are known for spreading engaging and interactive content. When you add videos to your website, it will increase the amount of time a customer spends on your page. And, if your videos are good, news about your business will spread.

ncrease Visitors Average Time Spent on Site

Upgrade content! 

Finally, you need to delight your online viewers with new content. Try to update content at fixed intervals. Ensure that your customers are aware of these intervals. New content will revitalize your customers. It can attract good, old customers too!


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