Easy Methods for Improving Your Brand’s Online Reach

Every business, online or offline, is longing for loyal followers. They want more shares and plenty of re-tweets. Indeed, this would be your first step in online growth and social media success. However, social media networking sites have changed drastically in the past few years. Today, you need to engage in many nicks and knacks to drive traffic towards your website, build the brand, boost sales and formally remain active.

If you are at a point where social media count matters the most, there are a few things you need to do. Over the years, social media experts have put together many strategies to help budding businesses. And, we have captured these strategies to help you.

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Step#1 Your Website!

First things first, you need to design your website with care. The digital era demands websites that are carefully designed.

A recent survey around the world revealed that less than 50 per cent of small businesses have a website. But, nearly 85% of people are buying online. If you have not planned for an online presence, you are going to lose these customers. Your online site doesn’t have to look fancy, and superior. But, you should flaunt the benefits of your products and services. Ensure that critical information like testimonials and contact details are disclosed on the site. If possible, include a blog. This is one of the simplest ways of diverting more traffic to your site.

Step#2 Mobile Friendly

Next, your website has to be mobile-friendly. Any brand that focuses on responsive websites is a step ahead in the race. A mobile-friendly site is much more important than a business card. This is because the website will turn into your digital signature. Once your primary website is developed, you need to scan for areas that are not optimized. Sometimes, you may need to design pages that are fully customized for the mobile.

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Step#3  PPC Promotion

One of the trickiest ways of growing your brand’s online reach is through PPC promotions. These are paid promotional activities that use Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other advertising tools. With SEO getting more challenging and competitive, you need to focus on PPC. Another reason why PPC is on the rise would be the reduction of organic real estate in search engines. Even Google is facing this problem.

With the help of targeted keywords, and PPC Promotion you can top Google search results. Even if an online user doesn’t click on your advertisement, they will see your name in the search. This is a way of spreading brand awareness.

Step#4 Guest Blogs

Moving on, you need to have some space for guest blogging. This is quite similar to content marketing. As suggested by its name, guest blogging is where a third party chooses to write and publish. This can improve the chances of readers coming across your brand. What is important would be to hand-pick your “guest bloggers” and their “websites”. Always rely on professionals and influencers who have a sharp, well-defined group of audiences. Indeed, guest blogging is one of the cheapest, and most effective ways of promoting your business.


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