How To Start A Blog Step By Step? – Earn $1000 Per Month

Looking for a guide to learn how to start a blog step by step? This article will help you learn each step of blogging. Before you start blogging, it is important to know what a blog is.

A type of website with a lot of content in the form of blog posts is called a blog. You don’t need to be an expert on any topic to start a blog. The important thing is you have to engage visitors to your blog with powerful and unique content. You can create a blog at the moment if you know the steps of blogging.

Step#1 ⇒ Choose a Blog Name

The first step of blogging is to choose the name for your blog. If you are not sure about your niche, you can use these tips to find a blog name for you. Think about your hobbies; it can be fashion, travelling, cooking, technology and education. If your blog niche is your hobby, you will never get bored of writing and running your blog.

The second tip is to consider your life experiences. You can share your experiences with people. For example, if you are a teacher, you can share your teaching experience and provide tips to students to get maximum marks in the exams.

how to start a blog step by step

The third option is a personal blog. You can share your daily routine and activities that you do each day. You can share your thoughts with your readers and encourage them in their tough times. Once you come up with a blog idea, you can choose its name easily.

Make sure; the blog name is descriptive. It should not be too long. Try to choose a good name which is easy to member and easy to pronounce.

Step#2 ⇒ Book Domain Name

The next thing is to choose a domain name. Don’t use spaces, dashes, or punctuation in your domain name. Check the availability of your domain; first of all; try to find your blog domain with the .com extension. If it exists already, then look for .net or .org.

how to start a blog step by step

You can also make small changes in your chosen domain name like adding ‘the’, ‘my’ or ‘a’ at the start of your blog. We recommend you not add any number to the domain name; it does not look professional.

Step#3 ⇒ Launch Your Blog

Once you have decided blog name and domain name, the next step is to get your blog online. This step is a bit tricky, but following these steps can make it easy for you. Here you need to find a blogging platform and a hosting plan. WordPress is the best platform for bloggers. You can get a free WordPress theme and make changes in its design to make it different.

For hosting services, you can search on Google. If you are looking for a reliable hosting service provider, look for Bluehost and Namecheap. They have affordable plans for beginners and take care of your website security. You can register your blog with Bluehost free of cost and learn the WordPress installation guide. Siteground-WordPress Hosting Discount Coupon claim now.

Step#4 ⇒ Customize Your Blog

Login to your blog with your domain name. Click on appearance; it will take you to the screen where you can make changes. If you do not have any design in mind, search your competitor’s blogs on the internet and customize them according to your preferences. The most important thing about WordPress is, that you can change your entire blog with only a few clicks. WordPress has several well-designed themes.

If you want to change a theme, you can click on the theme in appearance and press add. Once you install your theme, click on active to get the theme.

Step#5 ⇒ How to Write an Article for a Blog?

how to start a blog step by step

The most important thing about blogging is writing, let’s learn how to write an article and publish it on your blog. Check out the left menu and find ‘post’, click on it. Every blog has a default post which is not needed, so delete this post by clicking on ‘trash’ under your post. Click on ‘Add new; to write a blog post.

The top-most box is reserved for the title, add your title, and start writing. You can also add images to your blog by clicking on ‘add image’. Once you are done with writing and editing, click on ‘publish’ to make your post live on the internet.

What kind of content should be on your blog?

Every blog must have two important pages to display your information. Create an About Us page and update your essential information including a biographical summary, mission and vision statement. Write briefly about your passion for your niche as well as writing.

Step#6 ⇒ Create Contact Us

This is another important page that should be on your blog so that visitors can contact you easily. It should have your physical address, contact number, email address and a contact form when the user fills contact form; you will receive a message via mail. You can share all your social media accounts on this page, which will help you to get followers on your social media pages as well.

Step#7 ⇒ Promote Your Blog

Writing a post is not enough to engage visitors to your blog. Make sure you have to spend more time promoting your blog than writing a blog post. You can learn different SEO strategies to promote your blog.

Promote it in Your Circle

First of all, share your blog with your inner circles such as family and friends. Encourage them to follow your blog and share it with their friends.

Social Media

Make positive use of social media and share your posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Pinterest and Reddit can give you amazingly so many followers if you share your posts regularly on them.

Once you are done with all the steps of blog creation and post publishing, you can easily make money. The important thing is to learn how to write an article, once you develop your skills and make some effort to promote it; you will get traffic on your blog and can make handsome money.


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