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Take a good look at brands like KFC, Zara and Pepsi – these companies have created an identity for themselves. Creating a brand identity is not rocket science. Though difficult it is essential and can be achieved. A major challenge faced by small businesses would be effective differentiation. Even the small brands are meant to battle with bigger companies. If your venture is going through such a situation, here are a few tips to lend you a hand of help. The points discussed in this post will help in gaining an edge in the market.

How to stand out amongst your Rivals

♦ Customer Service

First things first, you need to focus on customer service. Always treat your clients with a crown. Remember, customer is king in any trade. Try to invest in tools and methods that can improve customer service. For example, you can incorporate real-time messaging. Or, you can choose to offer free shipping for all your products. Small improvements in the customer service model can go a long way.

♦ Offer Unique Services 

Many times, businesses claim that something “makes” them special. Unfortunately, this is not sufficient. You need something more extraordinary. Think about solutions that are hardly found in your region. Well, if the world is your market, you need to think out of the box.

Let’s understand this with an example. FleetFleet creates customized running shoes. Their goal is to fine-tune your footwear based on how you pronounce it. This is their unique selling point. Top 10 Freelancing Websites In The World – Start Earning

♦ Customer Pain Points

How to stand out amongst your Rivals

As mentioned previously, customers are the primary stakeholders of any business. And, your solution should connect with them at a personal level. The best way to reach new customers is by handling their pain points. Imagine having to go to the dentist. If you fear the ambience and smell of the place – would you ever go? You are bound to think twice. Online industries work similarly. If your website is going to confuse and irritate customers – they’d pick something else. Unfortunately, the online industry has too many options to choose from. In the case of a dental clinic, many experts practice in a spa-like environment.

♦ Follow Your Rivals

Many times, businesses tend to miss this step. How do your competitors enjoy an edge in the industry? Have you analyzed these facts? Following your rivals will help you uncover a huge chunk of work. In fact, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel again. Their social media content, number of views, likes and shares tell many things about how your market is. Stick to these details. And, build your marketing strategies accordingly. Once the foundation is done, start thinking differently.

♦ A Narrow Niche 

Businesses should always stick to a narrow niche. Adapting a business model that covers many items is not cost-effective. If you are venturing into business for the very first time, begin with a product you are comfortable with. A narrow selection will help in understanding the market better. You can spend more time with customers, and address their needs. Creating customer personas becomes easy, or even possible when your niche is narrow.


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