Tips on How to Promote Your Content on Pinterest

Social media networks that focus on images are gaining fame. This is mainly because of enhanced engagement levels. Almost everyone loves to see interesting photographs. And, when you look for images – “Pinterest” is bound to top the list. Over the years, Pinterest has seen a growth of nearly 6000%! It enjoys an average of 90 minutes with each visitor. The social media networking site is third to Tumblr and Facebook. It is well ahead of Google Plus and LinkedIn. This means you need to use Pinterest to promote your business.

In this post, you will read about a few strategies that can be used to promote your content on Pinterest.


Always Share Pictures of Your Products

First things first, you need to share pictures of your products. As a business owner, it is important for you to promote all your products and services. Try to create multiple boards on Pinterest. And create unique pins. The pins should connect with a specific customer.

For example, if you sell apparel, you need pins for artists, kids, and moms. When you create pins, you end up with a virtual catalogue of products. And consumers who are interested in these products will dig deep into your collection. With high-quality photographs and the right mix of pins – you will be able to flaunt your business in the best way.

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Include Gifts

Creating pins for your products will be incomplete without the price tag. Never leave your customers hanging. Always provide them with complete details. The best way to attach more details would be with “links”. The link should redirect to your business website. When you add products using this method, they will be included in the gifts section. The gifts section on Pinterest is a virtual collection of stunning ideas for gifting. Every day, thousands of people visit this section for gift ideas.

Always Highlight Your Offerings

Not all businesses focus on selling products. Some businesses use Pinterest to promote their services. When you sell services using your business, you need to build a strong visual resume.

For example, if you specialize in designing websites, you need to link screenshots of your web designs on Pinterest. And, if you are a blogger, you can share quotes from your work.

When it comes to capturing photos and creating pins, the sky is your limit. But every picture you attach should reflect the purpose of your business.

SEO Efforts

A lot of people focus on Pinterest and forget about search engine optimization. Pinning products on this social media website will be futile if you don’t have an SEO strategy. It is crucial for you to drive traffic towards your business website. When you create backlinks, always focus on quality. There should be targeted keywords, meta descriptions and relevant headlines.

Added Value

Savvy online buyers know how to differentiate products and services in a profile. If a profile is designed for marketing purposes, these users know how to avoid it. It is important to offer these users a reason to visit your website. This is why you need to pin complementary products and services on your board.


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