How To Find Profitable Keywords With Low Competition

Hey! Greetings readers, this is Abdul Haseeb. I got invited by my friend Sharjeel to write a guest post on his blog. Today, I am gonna reveal some strategies which will teach you how to find profitable keywords with low competition.

Keywords Research is really having a great importance. Right use of keyword in proper way leads to the SEO success. Every blogger knows the value behind the keywords.

In start, every blogger has a question how to find good keywords for my website. This question is really easy when you try to do the things naturally.

Do you want to know how to find keywords? Then read further.

So, here we start the battle! I am gonna show you how to find profitable keywords.

Grab the fruits from Google

Fantastic part begins here, Google itself gives us keyword ideas which are really worthy.

Yes! You heard right, we can give some effort to find keywords from just Google.

Google gives us 2 cents: one is “Search Suggestions” and the other one is “Related Search Terms”.

Obviously! If you make the use of them, then you can discover untapped keywords easily. In this way, you will know how to find profitable keywords without spending a penny.

Search Suggestions:

Jokes apart: Have you ever thought whether Google is male or female? Well, definitely! It’s female. Do you know why? Because, it don’t let you complete your sentence, in fact, it always interrupts and gives own suggestions. 😛

When you tends to type any query then Google gives suggestions itself. These suggestions are the most frequent (and relevant) search terms.

In this way, you can find a whole sheet of long tail keywords.

So, let’s do an experiment. I just typed the query “Keyword Research” on Google and see the suggestions:
Seem cool? Right!

Google Search Suggestions
Google Search Suggestions

Now, type your seed keyword and one letter of alphabets.

Ex: “Keyword a”. Then Google would show suggestions which includes seed keyword along with a word which begins with the alphabet you chosen.

In this way, you can find hundreds of keywords by keep trying.

Better Solution:

What? Are you lazy enough to find a better solution rather than kept trying?

Dude! Don’t read further, laziness won’t work in SEO. You dumb, do hard work. Okay! I know that you need a solution to scrape all those keywords in one click.

As you’re insisting, here is the solution: Use Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest is a free tool which is used to the do the same process in just a second. Type your seed keyword and it would provide you hundreds of keyword suggestions which you can export with one click.


Does not it seems easy?

Related Search Terms

When you search something, then at the last portion of the Google’s page, you can some related terms.

Now, I don’t think so I would have to give further explanation on this because you know the rest.

Google Related Search Terms
Google Related Search Terms

Questions & Answers Websites

Do you know the reason behind the popularity of Google? Because, it provides the solutions of the problems.
So, most of the users search questions directly on the Google. Like:

  1. How to create a blog
  2. How to rank a blog
  3. Etc

In this way, these questions are keywords to you.

Now, if your blog is solving people’s question then definitely! You are also having a blog which can be viral by just little efforts.

So, if you write articles based on solution of a problem then visitors would take a great interest in them.

But the question rises, how to find the ideas for such articles?

Here I have the solution. You can find those keywords by using search suggestions on Q&A sites.

Yahoo Answers is a famous site for this purpose.

Yahoo Answers
Yahoo Answers

I have an alternative solution which works best for me. is the best way to find questions on your keyword.


Just enter your keyword and it would provide you hundreds of questions. Obviously! That’s a fantastic idea to find worthy keywords.

Joke: If you’re having a wife then loudly speak your seed keyword in her ear. She would ask you several questions (about the word) just note down them on the paper and then search them on Keyword Planner. In this way, she can be also a source of long tail keywords. 😉

Competitors Research

In our childhood, we often spy on our siblings/friends and copy their activities. Just to be more efficient as compared to them.

Same in SEO, your competitors can act as your teacher. Here I am going to reveal a strategy which you can use to find a gold mine of keywords. Yes! This strategy is widely used by so called SEO Gurus to save their time but only a few of them reveal it. So, you may thank me later.

Find Competitors

Before starting, you need to find some of your competitor websites.

Well, this task is not difficult. Social media, forums and communities are full of bloggers. So, you can easily find your relevant blogs there.

You may use Google to find relevant blogs in your niche.

Make it sure that the list you’re creating is not including blogs having too much authority. Suppose, you’re having Domain Authority (DA) as a factor. If you blog’s DA is in 20s then competitors should not have more than 35.

Reveal Their Keywords

Suppose, your competitors are ranking on a good keyword but you’re not. If you rank on the same keyword then you would also take a slice of the traffic. Seems interesting? Right!

This is the best strategy to find hidden gems.

So, you can say, you would find several profitable keywords after that.

So, let’s take start.

You would require a competitor research tool which would reveal keywords used by them. There are hundreds of tools in the market. I recommend to use Ahrefs or SEMrush.

In this tutorial, I would use Ahrefs. You may use a trial version.

Open the “Site Explorer” tool and enter your competitor’s link.

Ahrefs Site Explorer
Ahrefs Site Explorer

Then, click on “Organic Keywords”.

Ahrefs Organic Search
Ahrefs Organic Search

Boom! You found your competitor’s keywords. Here you can use the filters to select appropriate keywords.

Ahrefs Organic Keywords

And then export the list.

Congratulations! You have found a bunch of keywords. In this way, you can find most profitable keywords.

Now, repeat the process with all of your competitors. After that, discover the content gaps and prepare to write an article. Hopefully, it would rank better.


Well, Thanks for reading the article. I know you have enjoyed this article. So, you must liked it. Then you may send me $50 as a tip.

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One more thing, I just written a guide for beginners which tells you how to start a blog in the easiest way. Consider reading that. 😉

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