How to Earn Money from YouTube in India?

As we are living in the digital world so almost everything is available online. With the help of the latest technologies, people are searching for new ways to earn money by working Online. There are many ways to just work online and YouTube is one of them. In today’s topic, we are going to inform you how you can earn money from YouTube in India.

We are all aware of the fact that there is a problem with employment in our country and most of the people are not getting a good job even after higher studies. So these days the people are motivating towards working Online. There are lots of work you can do online for money like Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, EBook Revenues, Freelancing etc. Out of all these ways, YouTube is most famous for earning money.

Why is YouTube the Best Option for Earning?

If you want to earn through YouTube then the plus point for you is that you don’t need to pay for any kind of Domain or Hosting but if you want to earn through blogging then you need to pay those charges. You can start earning through YouTube from the first day and for the same you just need to make an account on YouTube and upload the video on it. Also, you can get AdSense approval very quickly on YouTube and this can lead to earning the money very quickly. If we talk about the visitor’s number then the count of visitors on YouTube is higher than the number of Visitors of any blog and the video on YouTube can be watched by millions of people very quickly.

How to Earn Money?

To earn money through YouTube first you need to understand how you can earn money. Just go through the below-mentioned points and you will be able to understand them.

Monetize through AdSense

Monetize means earning revenues so the earning from YouTube is called Monetize. You can Monetize your YouTube channel with the help of AdSense as it would reflect contextual on YouTube. Whenever a user clicks any of the ads in your videos then you will get the revenues from it and this is the best way to earn money.

Earn Money by Sponsored Videos

To make sponsored videos you need to make your channel very popular and after your channel becomes popular then the sponsors would contact you to show their ads on your channel. These ads can be shown at the start or the end of the video. The companies would pay you for these ads and these types of ads are called Sponsored Videos.

Use Affiliate Marketing to Make Money

Through Affiliate Marketing you can also earn lots of money on YouTube and that too is in a very short span. For this, you need to choose a good product and after using it make a review video on it. Later provide a link in the video description to purchase that product so that viewers can purchase it and you can get commission on the purchases.

Know What is CPM, RPM & eCPM

If you are serious to earn through YouTube then you should know about these acronyms like CPM, RPM & eCPM. You should need to understand these terms as they would help you to earn a handsome amount.

  • CPM-  The full form of CPM is Cost Per Thousand Ads Impression. Whenever ads reflect on your video then the advertiser would pay you as per thousand ads impression. Various factors decide the CPM like Time, Gender, Content and other factors. The CPM revenue starts from .50 cents and varies up to $10 per thousand impressions and it can rise on the public holidays. The revenue from CPM is higher in English speaking countries rather than in other countries.
  • RPM & eCPM- The full form of RPM is Revenue Per Thousand Views. YouTube keeps the 45% of ad revenue which would be generated from any channel videos. RPM & eCPM both are the same. 

What to do for Good Earning from YouTube?

There is always a question in the mind of the person who wants to be good at YouTube as to what to do to earn a good amount through YouTube. You should always make those videos that perform better for example always make videos that are mostly searched by the users. Always make sure that your videos should be more interesting and your viewers watch your video complete.

Your videos should be more engaging so that they would earn more comments, likes and share and also motivate your user to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Before uploading the video on YouTube always give the appropriate name to your videos. In videos, while describing videos make sure it always matches your videos and tag also as per the videos. This would help your videos to get indexed.

Always share your videos on social media platforms so that they would reach more people. You should also join the other subscriber channel and promote each other channel. This technique is called cross-promotion

What not to do on YouTube?

You should never copy-paste the video from any other channel. By doing this you may be caught and YouTube may ban your account. Your videos may be deleted by use. Always make a video as per the rules and regulations of YouTube. YouTube never permits explicit videos so never make such videos.

Which Types of Videos Can be Made?

There are various types of videos that can be made on YouTube like Image Voice Over videos, Tutorials Videos, Reviews Videos, Time Lapse videos etc. In the Image Voice Over videos, you can make videos on Interesting Facts, collections of beautiful photos and give your voice in the videos.

You can make a tutorial video on a topic that is not available on YouTube. You can also make review videos on daily usable items, flight review, review of any hotel or restaurant. You can also go for time-lapse videos which can refresh your memories.


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