Tips on How to Design a Landing Page That Converts?

The landing page is the first “face” of your business on the internet. This is what customers would see when they navigate to your site. The design of your landing page can attract, or send customers away. Thus, you can consider it as a catalyst for your marketing efforts. When compared with every other page on your site, the landing page has only one goal. It has to persuade visitors. Even if your offerings are small, when you present them in the right way – customers will follow you.

Conversion rates of landing pages differ from one industry to another. The current average is 2.35%. Only top companies, with centuries of expertise, have a rate of 10 to 11 per cent.

So, how will you increase the conversion rates of your landing page?

Tips on how to design a landing page

⇒ Single Call To Action

You need to begin with a single CTA. Perhaps, this is the most important thing in your landing pages. The CTA stands between your potential customers and the actions you want them to perform on the website. This is why you need to stick to a single CTA. Don’t divert them with too many options. Instead, that then through a single path. How To Build Blog Writing Skills? – 100% Guaranteed Results

⇒ The CTA Must Stand Out

The moment a viewer lands on your website, they must be aware of what has to be done. There are many tactical ways of achieving this. For instance:

  • You can change the tone or language used for the CTA.
  • You can give the text a contrasting shade.
  • You can introduce images and arrows to grab attention.

⇒ Position the CTA Correctly

Just like creating a perfect CTA, you need to position it appropriately. Due to its importance, the CTA has to be placed in a visible spot. It must be on the landing page. And, it should be above the fold. Remember, not all customers are going to scroll down. They have no time to hunt for “your” CTA. It is your responsibility to present it to them.

Tips on how to design a landing page

⇒ A Valuable Offer

So, why should a customer stick to your CTA? How does your business enjoy an edge in the industry? Many times, the landing pages carry a lead generation form. This form needs to capture details about the customer. This includes facts like their name and email address. For these pieces of information, what do you offer in exchange? No one is going to share their details for something mediocre. Hence, identify what customers want from your business. And, provide them with a glimpse of it!

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⇒ A Perfect Page Header

Another crucial element every landing page has is the header. The right headers will hook the customer to your page. The header needs to be “out of the box”. But, it has to be absolutely clear. Never show your cleverness in the header. This is when businesses lose customers.

The header must go in line with your advertisements. When someone chooses to click on your advertisement, they would expect a landing page that replicates the ad. If it doesn’t match, they are likely to feel confused.


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