How to Create Best Instagram Reels?

Creating Instagram reels is one of the ways to attract more audiences. Whether you are an Instagram user or want to promote your business online, creating reels is an effective way to reach a more targeted audience. In response to Tiktok’s popularity for short reels, Instagram introduced a short reel section.

In response to widely popular short-video apps, Meta launched Reels on Instagram and Facebook in 2020 and 2021, respectively. Expand your reach, gain new followers, promote products and services on Instagram, and increase engagement.

Creating a great Instagram reel can be challenging for beginners. To create a perfect Instagram reel, you need to acquire new knowledge. Creating professional reels requires a lot of skill, knowledge, and experience. If you don’t know how to create professional Instagram reels, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will be showing how to create Instagram reels.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are full-screen vertical mode short videos on the Instagram reel section. These videos are typically lighthearted, fun, engaging, and infinite scrolling. You can record and edit the short videos on the Instagram reel section.

The length of the videos is between 15 to 60 seconds. Business and casual users can use reels to showcase products, make announcements, get creative, and have fun. Engage more customers by using them to extend your brand’s reach. Instagram celebrities also make reels to create engagements and entertain the audience. Unlike Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels do not expire after 24 hours.

There is a huge library of soundtracks (including popular songs and viral content from other users) and various editing tools. Aside from sound, Reels also feature video clips, animated backgrounds, filters, subtitles, and stickers.

Reels on Instagram are short, funny videos you can share with friends. Instagram allows you to share them with your friends and anyone else.

Furthermore, Instagram Reels recommends relevant videos based on its users’ interests, making them more attractive. At the same time, the released Reels can be accessed by a wider audience.

How to Create Instagram Reels?

Step 1: Go to the reel section

There are three ways to access the reel section. First, you have to open the Instagram app. Find the reel option and click the plus button in the middle of the screen. Now select the reel option.

Secondly, open the Instagram stories camera, select Reel in the option, and open the reel editor.

Thirdly, if you are already in the reel player, click in the upper right to create a reel.

Step 2: Record your Reel

You can use two different ways to record an Instagram reel. Your video clips can be recorded live or pre-recorded from your camera roll with Reels.

The user can choose one take or combine several takes – either live or taken from your phone’s camera roll. The first thing you need to do before you begin selecting footage is to choose your audio track.

On the left-hand menu, tap the musical note icon. You will get a list of suggested songs. The user can also search by specific track, artist, or genre according to their mode and choice. Instagram offers several video filters and effects to add. By clicking on the play icon, record your video or clip in slow or fast motion.

And finally, you can add any effects by tapping the face icon. Set the timer on the left and press the recording circle in the middle of the screen. There will be a countdown before the recording begins. It is now time to shoot your video.

Step 3: Review your Reel

After you have finished recording your video, it is time to review it and ensure everything is in order. Once you have added all your clips, your Reel is ready to be reviewed.

You can access the review section by hitting the screen’s arrow in the bottom right corner. You can add text, drawings, and stickers here, just like on Instagram Stories!

Users can select text to appear and disappear within different sections of their Reel video. Once you’re happy with how it looks, tap back on the arrow, and your first Instagram Reel will be complete.

Step 4: Edit your video

The Instagram Reel editor has a square icon in the bottom left corner where you can upload videos. You can also edit the video from here. Once you have recorded or uploaded the video, you can edit it with a built-in editor. Here you can change the video background video.

Once you’ve selected the inserted music, you can choose which part of the song you want to play. What about adding the AR effect? Click the star icon to open up various effect options. You can add different animations and filters according to your choice. 

You can slow down or speed up the video playback from here too. A frame can also contain multiple recordings by adjusting the layout. In the preview section, you can add text, stickers, voiceovers, and other tools. Edit the video according to choice and needs. So that more people are getting attracted to video. 

Step 5: Publish your Reel

After you have set up your Reel, write a catchy title for it. Once you have done this, tap the “Share” button at the bottom of the screen. Make these attention-grabbing and punchy captions, just like with TikTok. You can engage your audience with captions, emojis, and questions. Add effective hashtags to appear on the search results page. If everything seems fine, publish the Reel. Congratulations, your first Instagram reel has been published.

How to Create Instagram Reels with Photos?

There are many ways you can make Instagram reels, not only with videos but also with pictures. Here are the detailed steps to create a scroll with photos:

  • First, open the Instagram app, click on the “plus” button in the middle of the screen and select the reel option.
  • Open the Reel editor and click the + sign in the lower left corner. You can view the photos in your phone album once the system opens your gallery.
  • To make a Reel, select as many images as you like. If you want to adjust your pictures before uploading them, you can use Fotor’s photo editor.
  • With the slider below, you can adjust each picture’s playback time after selecting it.
  • You can add suitable music to your Reel by clicking the “Add” button and then the “Audio” button.
  • You can also customize your reels by adding text, effects, voiceovers, and stickers by clicking “Preview. Before uploading, see your video’s final preview and edit it if needed.

Create Effective Instagram Reels to attract your audience

Video content is the most popular content on Instagram. In addition to getting more impressions and reach, Instagram reels can attract more viewers.

Instagram reels can help businesses promote new products and increase brand awareness. To achieve these goals, creating innovative and entertaining videos is crucial. Here are a few tips that you can follow to create effective Instagram videos.

  • It is important to start with an attractive opening. You have only a few seconds to grab the attention of the audience. Users will quickly scroll if the beginning is not good enough. The audience can be kept watching by placing important information at the beginning of the video. Keeping the clip’s beat setting can also be tempting.
  • Don’t forget to add your branding elements to your Reel. You must add information about your company and products to familiarize your audience.
  • Music selection is very important for Instagram reels. Audiences are more likely to watch your Reel if it has viral pop music.
  • Create videos related to your brand colors with your company logo in the upper right corner. You can also include the name of your company in your title.
  • Try to make funny content. There are different types of reels that people use to grab attention. But don’t forget that people come to social media platforms for entertainment. Creating funny and light videos can help you to attract a larger audience.
  • Don’t forget to add a call to action. If you include a call to action, such as a link in your profile or a follower link, your video will be more effective.
  • Whether you are creating reels for self-promotion or business purposes, scheduling the uploading time can be very helpful. Imagine that you scheduled a reel for Christmas Day or Halloween, for example. Different reel scheduling tools make it easy to plan your Instagram reel content ahead of time.

The benefits of making Instagram Reels

Get more engagement

Short, engaging videos are the norm in today’s social media landscape. TikTok’s explosion has forced Instagram to create its version of a short video format to compete. Reels are gaining more views and engagements for content creators, influencers, and brands.

Expand your reach

Posting Reels improves a brand’s chances of appearing on the Explore page. A key component of Reels’ success is Instagram’s Explore page, which shows recommended content. With Instagram’s algorithm favoring Reels, brands are more likely to land on the explore page.

People are more attracted to reels.

What’s the point of watching a long video? People like to watch short and entertaining videos. Sharing Reels enhances a brand’s credibility and familiarity since Reels show more dimension than 2D statics. According to reports, reels help to connect with the audience directly.


We live in a digital world that revolves around social media platforms. Digitalization changes brand strategies, too. Adapting to and taking advantage of social platforms is essential for companies as they evolve. Making Instagram reels can be very effective for users. Hope now you know how to make Instagram reels.


What are the rules for reels on Instagram?

If you have a private account on Instagram, Reels adheres to your privacy settings. Your reel can be shared to feed so that only your followers can see it. It is impossible to share your reels with people who do not follow you, nor can people use the original audio from your reels.

How do you get paid from reels?

As part of Meta’s Reels Play program, anyone whose Reels receive at least 1,000 views over 30 days receives a bonus. An invite-only program pays up to $35,000 per month to creators.

What makes a reel get more views?

You must receive likes and comments from a variety of Instagram users. The algorithm of Instagram is influenced by how often your followers like and comment on your videos. This means you’ll get more exposure and views when Instagram places your reels on their feeds.

Do hashtags work on reels?

Instagram’s algorithms use hashtags to categorize your content, so it shows up in the explore feeds of people who might be interested in your account. Google’s algorithms use them as search keywords.

How long should a reel be for views?

Instagram Reels should be at least three seconds longer to get the most views. People’s attention spans are decreasing, according to several studies. As a result, short videos get more views overall on social media, including Instagram Reels.

Why do some reels go viral?

Instagram’s algorithm uses machine learning to determine which posts are shown to which users. Your Reel’s niche will determine who sees it, so the more mass appeal it has, the more likely it is to go viral.


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