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So, you own a website right now and want to check its SEO ranking? That’s the apparent reason you are here.

No worries. This article is to understand various methods of checking your website ranking on the internet.

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What is Website Ranking?

So, what exactly is Website Ranking? What’s the purpose of checking the ranking of websites? That’s right. We’ll answer them for you.

Website Ranking is a sort of statistic for the success of a website on the position of results while searched on a search engine.

As you know, top results during a search have more possibility of gaining more traffic as they are clicked more often.

how to check website Ranking

Your website ranking entirely depends on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website, including all the keywords and backlinks associated with your content.

Overall, websites with higher rankings mean that they will be placed in the top position of search engine results. Eventually, when a site reaches the top of the search engine results, there is a higher possibility that it get more visitors to traffic.

Moreover, there are certain factors affecting website ranking such as,

  • Internal website linking
  • Proper keywords, titles, meta descriptions, tags and meta titles
  • Content URL construction
  • Website hosting speed
  • Click-through rates (CTR) from search results
  • Use of suitable website backlinks
  • Internal and External website traffic source

Check Website Traffic

If your query is on how to check for your website, here is the section you must read.

It is essential to learn about your website traffic to understand the SEO progression of your website.

The ultimate goal of your website must be to get a better ranking on search engine results and increase the number of visitors traffic to your website.

how to check website Ranking

Use website traffic checkers to identify your target audience and learn about your visitors’ sources, such as social media or other external sources.

Moreover, website traffic tools are also used to check the progression of your competitive websites, where their SEO strategies can be used to develop your site too.

There are various sites available on the internet to check your website traffic and popularity among users and search engines.

Website traffic checkers are available with both Paid and Free services.

The Way of Checking

So, before we start peeling back the layers, let’s discuss the tactic for our traffic examination.

It will be a top-down approach.

And by that, it means that we will start with a top-level check of the estimated total traffic of an internet site.

how to check website Ranking

And then we’ll uncover one layer at a time to reveal each bit of knowledge in additional detail.

Here is a quick overview:

  • All Website Traffic – We’ll start by watching the entire amount of traffic the location gets monthly, checking estimated engagement metrics, and breaking down the numbers by device type.
  • By Channel – Next layer down, we’re watching the quantity of traffic coming from different sources. For instance, we will check traffic numbers and trends across various channels like organic, paid, social, email and referral. Then, drill down into each channel to ascertain the precise strategies competitors are using to drive that traffic.
  • By Subdomain/Directory – The next layer down is handy for larger websites, especially e-commerce sites, where you’ll see which product categories drive the foremost organic traffic.
  • By Page/Post – The fourth layer looks at the individual posts/pages that drive the leading traffic to a site so we will start to prioritize the content strategy. For instance, does the website specialise in blog content, review pages, or product pages to draw in visitors?
  • By Keyword – Finally, for organic and paid channels, you’ll drill down and determine which keywords (and modifiers) drive the foremost traffic across different stages of the funnel – top, middle and bottom.

Free Website Traffic Checkers

Below listed are two of the popular free tools to check website visitors’ traffic.

1. SimilarWeb

how to check website Ranking

SimilarWeb is a popular free website traffic checker tool. SimilarWeb displays significant information regarding your website, such as;

  • Monthly Traffic
  • Bounce Rate
  • Average Visit Duration
  • Pages per Visit

When you search your website on SimilarWeb, you can get to know about three additional rank information, Country Rank, Category Rank and Global Rank.

Moreover, SimilarWeb can also break down the traffic sources of your website into categories such as Demographic Sites and Social Media referred sources.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is initially a popular SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool, used to identify website content keywords and increase traffic. However, you can also search for any website traffic statistical data.

For your website, you will be able to compare the traffic statistics between similar competitive websites.

Using SEMrush, you can analyse search engine traffic and compare the patterns between other popular websites on the internet.

SEMrush is a useful tool to develop your site SEO, using the trending keywords of popular sites, which can increase your website traffic too.

Eventually, SEMrush is a free tool to use, but the website search is limited to 10 searches per day, while you get to access the necessary statistics information.

3. Google Analytics (For Website Owners)

Google Analytics is the hottest website analysis tool on earth. Almost every site uses an Analytics tag to trace traffic and other data.

Google Analytics

You ought to log in and register your site with Analytics. A tracking code must be installed on your website to urge the traffic data inside your Analytics account.

4. SitePrice

Do you need a complete analysis of a website? SitePrice provides you with the small print associated with Alexa rank, the number of indexed pages of various search engines, estimated website price, metadata, top-ranking keywords, etc.

SitePrice even displays the domain age. You would possibly know the age of the domain has many roles in defining the authority, which in turn influences the search rankings.

Moreover, it displays all direct data (the details, which may be found accurately by third-party tools like indexing status, metadata, etc.) with 100% exactness.

However, when it involves traffic count, it doesn’t render the result with the most accuracy. They’re pretty slow in mentioning the updates. The likelihood is that the tool displays equivalent old data for quite a while.

Another neatest thing about it is that you get an approximation of the advertisement revenue the site gains. They use an algorithm to calculate an equivalent supported by the traffic count.

Some Major Advantages of SitePrice includes,

  • An all-in-one tool with detailed data
  • Completely free website traffic estimator tool
  • Additional SEO tools

Some major Disadvantages of SitePrice include,

  • The traffic count isn’t so accurate
  • Dependent on Alexa

Paid Website Traffic Checkers

Below listed are two of the popular paid tools to check website visitors’ traffic.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a popular and powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool, used to analyse visitors’ traffic of websites over search engine queries.

Using Ahrefs, it is also possible to break down the traffic, from its different sources and figure out the various sources of the traffic for your website.

Moreover, Ahrefs can also be used to track the traffic gained by the use of different keywords in the website content. You have a look at how effective keywords have been used in website content.

Eventually, Ahrefs is also useful to gather traffic and keyword information about your competitive websites and get to know about their SEO strategies.

Ahrefs also provides additional information such as website backlink formation, data trends and even site links to your website.

Ahrefs is an effective tool and is only available for premium users. Ahrefs premium starts from $100, but it’s worth it for the essential information provided.

2. Alexa Rank: Website Ranking Tool

Alexa Rank is a popular tool to check website ranking, owned by Amazon. Alexa Rank can measure the popularity of your website by carrying out a web traffic analysis.

Further, Alexa Rank can also provide information on how well your website is performing compared to other similar types of sites.

how to check website Ranking

Alexa Rank allows you to benchmark your website statistics and compare them with your competitive websites.

Alexa Rank uses an efficient procedure to collect traffic information about your site. In essence, it examines the number of traffic over a couple of months and provides a report on the traffic received over the specific period.

After the comparison of traffic from all your competitors, Alexa will give you an ‘Alexa Rank’ which is the rank of your website on Alexa’s list of sites related to your content.

You can visit Alexa’s ranking website, enter your URL and get to know about the ranking of your website.

Are you worried about having a low Alexa rank? You can try the Alexa ranking blog for tips on increasing your rank on Alexa and get a better ranking.

You can get a wide range of information without any payment. However, if you are going to test any of their premium services, you might want to purchase them first.

What Do You Think Now?

So, you’ve got a list of the simplest website traffic checkers now.

Which one is the best?

If you inquire from me, I will be able to choose SEMrush. You get features like competitor analysis and backlink checking as bonuses.

Not to mention, SEMrush has both free and trial versions available. You will use them to seek out the service quality.

When it involves a completely free website traffic estimator, none on the online is reliable. If some facts are accurate, there could also be some wrong ones. This is often the case for just about all free traffic checkers.


If you own a website and want to check the website’s ranking and engagements, don’t forget to check out the tools mentioned in the article. Further, the tools can also be used to monitor the statistics of your competitive websites. Get to know about your competitor’s SEO strategies and use them to develop your website too.

The article would be beneficial to website owners trying to list their sites on the top of several search engines. Follow the provided steps, and you can witness the development of your website ranking of your website.

Stay tuned to our website to learn more from upcoming articles.


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