Government Strict on Google Decision of Apps Removal! Union Minister Said- Not Allowed To Do This

Google Decision of Apps Removal: Due to non-payment of fees, Google decided to remove 10 apps. The reaction from Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has been swift. He firmly stated that these apps will not be allowed to be removed from the app store. Google had requested the removal of these apps due to non-compliance with service fee payments, primarily focusing on a Matrimony app.

Google initiated the process of removing these apps on Friday, which included popular Indian matrimony and job search apps like According to Tech Joint, these apps violated Google’s payment guidelines, prompting their removal. Vaishnav confirmed that he has engaged in discussions with Google regarding this issue and intends to engage with startups as well, emphasizing the need for stability and security for startups in India.

Google Decision of Apps Removal: Vaishnav asserted, ‘We cannot allow this kind of delisting to take place at all.’ However, Google has yet to respond to these statements. Following Google’s actions, many startups expressed discontent and some even boycotted the move, opposing the delisting. Google stated that the fees contribute to the development and promotion of the Android ecosystem and the Play Store.

Google Decision of Apps Removal: The controversy primarily revolves around fees, as Google charges between 11 and 26 percent. It is alleged that these apps have failed to pay these fees, leading Google to consider it a violation of its policies and thus decide to remove them. However, the government has now stated that it cannot allow such actions to occur.

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