AI Regulation: Government Mandates Approval for AI Applications, No Exemptions Allowed

AI Regulation: An alarming trend has emerged in the market where individuals are falling victim to scams disguised under the guise of Artificial Intelligence(AI). These scams not only infringe upon people’s privacy but also tarnish their reputation. Consequently, the government has taken notice of the misuse of AI and has implemented measures to address the issue.

AI Regulation: Government Mandates Approval for AI Applications

AI Regulation: Recently, there has been a surge in the circulation of deepfake videos, such as one featuring Rashmika Mandhana, raising concerns about the potential for fraudulent activities like banking fraud. In response, the government has mandated that organizations seeking to deploy AI models must obtain prior permission. To facilitate identification and mitigate the spread of misleading content and deepfakes, the government has mandated the labeling of all AI-generated content.

AI Regulation: Union Minister Rajeev Chandrashekhar has underscored the importance of these guidelines, emphasizing the need for accountability in AI development and deployment. Furthermore, the controversy surrounding Google’s Gemini model, which inaccurately labeled PM Modi as a fascist, highlights the necessity of regulating AI systems. While Google has acknowledged that Gemini’s responses may not always be accurate, the mandatory labeling of such models aims to enhance transparency and accountability within the AI ecosystem.

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