Google’s Major Move: Popular Apps Axed from Play Store – Uncover the Reasons

Google has taken various measures to address cybercrime, and this time it has initiated the removal of apps from 10 companies in India, including some popular matrimony apps, due to non-payment of service fees. The startups had contested these charges, wishing to avoid them, leading to their non-payment. This dispute even reached the Supreme Court, with startups seeking to halt in-app payments. However, Google has received approval to enforce these fees, leading to the removal of apps unless fees are paid, as mandated by a Supreme Court order denying relief to startups.

Among the apps removed are those belonging to, including Bharat Matrimony, Christian Matrimony, Muslim Matrimony, and Jodii, which were deleted on Friday. The company’s founder has lamented this as a dark day for the Indian Internet. Concerns have been raised by the founders of these companies as their apps are being progressively removed by Google.

These apps are accused of violating Google Play Store policies, prompting strict action. Although the companies have not publicly commented on this matter, Google’s actions indicate potential business implications, leading to a sudden decline in their shares.


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