Google to Discontinue Service on April 2! Shift Your Data to YouTube Music Now!

Google Podcast service is going to be closed from April 2, 2024. Although it was announced for September 2023, but now the deadline has been announced as April 2. In such a situation, if your data is present on Google Podcasts, then you should transfer your data to YouTube Music today itself.

According to the report, Google should transfer its podcasts to YouTube Music. Google Podcasts can be used in the US till March 2024 and you will be able to transfer your membership till July 2024.

How to Transfer Data From Google to YouTube Music

  • First of all, visit the Google Podcast app.
  • After this, select the Export Subscription option visible on the top screen.
  • Then you have to select the export option visible below Export to YouTube Music.
  • After this, you have to tap on the Continue option.
  • Then you have to select Go to Library option to view your subscription.

Other options are available to transfer data

It will take some time for your subscription to be transferred. Please note that not all podcasts will be available on YouTube Music. If this happens, you may see the message “Content is unavailable” next to it. Additionally, you will have the option to transfer your subscription to another podcast app by downloading an OPML file or from Google Takeout.

Google integrated the podcast-related feature into YouTube last year. In such a situation, the company is transferring data directly from the Google Podcast app to YouTube Music. In such a situation, users will be able to listen to music and podcasts in the same app. The Google Podcasts app is still available on the Play Store and App Store.

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