Google Takes Major Step, Google Blocked Around 1.2 Crore Google Accounts

Google took strict action against people who were committing fraud with advertisements. Google blocked around 1.2 crore Google accounts that were showing ads to users against Google’s rules. Google found that because of these violations, there was an increase in malware and fraud. After investigating, Google removed the accounts that were breaking the rules and showing ads. Google shared this information in its annual advertising security report.

Challenges have increased because of deepfake technology. Google assures users that their privacy and security won’t be compromised. Google will keep fighting against fraudulent advertising. Google warns that new tactics like deepfake are being used to deceive users with ads. Recently, Google became aware of a deepfake video featuring Sachin Tendulkar used in an ad. There’s concern about similar misuse during elections, where deepfakes could be a problem.

Google is striving to make elections transparent. It verified over 5,000 election ads in 2023 and removed over 7.3 million ads that weren’t verified. Google mentions that AI has made ad verification challenging.

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