Is Google Digital Unlocked Certification Useful or Not?

Google Digital Unlocked?

What is that? Google teaches and guides us every day, but do you know Google also gives certifications?

Yes, Google gives you certificates if you learn properly and get full benefits from them. That is called “Google Digital Unlocked”.

In this article, I’ll guide you,

  • What is Google’s Digital Unlocked?
  • How is Digital Unlocked so Important for Small and Medium Businesses?
  • How can Digital Unlocked Support You in achieving your targets?
  • How do you enrol with Google Digital Account Unlocked?
  • Common FAQ that most readers about Google Digital Unlocked Certification

And finally, what is the biggest thing you want to see?

  • Top 20 Sample Questions and Answers in Google Digital Unlocked Certification – 2020

So, this article will be the best article to gather knowledge about “Google Digital Unlocked” all over the internet.

Most Bloggers, Small and medium businesses, and not only Students benefit from “Google Digital Unlocked”. So, It’s time to get benefits from “Google Digital Unlocked”.

Let’s start from A- Z about “Google Digital Unlocked.

Google Digital Unlocked

What is Google’s Digital Unlocked?

Google built Digital Unlocked to tackle the biggest obstacle to technology adoption: lack of expertise in using the resources available. In Digital Unlocked, there are 106 videos that were developed specifically for all learners to move at their own speed through sequenced tutorials.

Digital Unlocked addresses the most significant barrier to digital technologies being more widely accepted — lack of knowledge and skills.

The videos cover all sorts of digital marketing topics, like how to create your online presence, how to use mobile applications to reach your target market, how to optimize search engines, how to use search engines, and how to monitor analytics on your website. All Digital Downloadable Materials are open to any Internet-access service.

How is Digital Unlocked So Important for Small and Medium Businesses?

Small and medium businesses will benefit from leaps and bounds with digital Unlock programs, which are not very tech-savvy in India.

According to Rajan Anandan, Vice President of South East Asia and India, “Less than 32% of small businesses in India have some kind of web presence, and many small businesses do not understand why they need to be online.”

This initiative will allow Small and medium Businesses to experience the real power of digital going. Not only do they realize the benefits of digital moving, but they will also be able to gain more.

“Online small businesses have much higher market share outside their cities. SMBs that go digital end up creating new jobs than web ignorers, “Rajan Anandan said.

The contribution of SMBs to the Indian economy would help India’s GDP rise by 10 per cent, according to the report by KPMG-Google.

How Can Digital Unlocked Support You in Achieving Your Targets?

If you’re looking to extend the scope of your small business in India, Google’s Digital Unlocked will open doors to give you a real web presence, something that is actually taken advantage of by less than a third of India’s small businesses.

Organizations are beginning to run campaigns to raise awareness of services such as Digital Unlocked for small business owners as a gateway to more business online. If you move now, you can be at the forefront of what could be a surge of online commerce for small Indian companies to come.

Google Digital Unlocked

With Google’s Digital Unlocked, learning how to take your small business online and explore the world of digital marketing and commerce is now available for free. Many small companies that use this free content will create new consumer relations and firmly establish their flag in the modern digital economy.

How Do You Enroll with Google Digital Account Unlocked?

  1. Firstly, you have to go to the website to get the credential. You will need to sign in to the platform.
  2. Select ‘online courses’ in the menu at the top of the page, and you will be taken to the selection of courses page where you can enrol.
  3. Certification lessons are from 4 to 6. And there are 106 lessons in total. There is a quiz of about 2 to 4 questions after each lesson, which depends on the length and difficulty of the lesson. To go on, you need to pass the quiz, which is compulsory. So, it’s essential to carefully read every lesson, without which you won’t be able to answer the questionnaire.

Common FAQs that Most Readers Ask About Google Digital Unlocked Certification

If I complete my Google Digital unlocked training, what knowledge and skills do I gain?

There’s no limit to how much Google Digital unlocked Training will help you develop! You will be developing digital marketing skills to promote yourself and your company online after watching video lessons from daily experts who have been in your shoes. You will learn how the right people can consider you and how to make the most of the network to achieve your goals.

To whom is Google Digital Unlocked Training?

Everybody. Gain the most in-demand skills of today, whether you are expanding your business, starting a career, or just trying something new. There are a variety of courses available and over 40 hours of learning to help get you to where you need to go. If you are interested in coming and studying, Google Digital Unlocked will be pleased to meet you!

How much does Google Digital Unlocked cost?

Not a Rupee. All Google Digital Unlocked Certifications available are completely free, with no strings attached.

Can I skip around to different tutorials for online marketing?

Definitely! Catch instructional videos of each of our online marketing courses in any order. They will also tailor a personal learning program for you when you’re ready. So, you can acquire the digital marketing skills that are most important to you and to your company and growth.

How long do I have a tutorial or a module to complete?

The tutorials and modules can be completed at your own pace. Each step in the right direction is a step, so keep going!

What’s required to complete an Activated Google Digital Unlocked Certificate?

If you have completed the 106 lessons and passed the quiz per class, you will be eligible for the final test. The final test consists of 40 questions, in which you must answer 32 questions correctly. If you give at least 32 questions the correct answers, then you pass. If you miss the exam by chance, you won’t be able to send the final test for the next 10 hours. The final exam tab becomes active after 10 hours, and you can hand it up again.

May I download the Unlocked material on Google Digital?

No, if you do not yet access the tools you need, you can always return to The Digital Unlocked.

Can I miss sections of the lesson plan in which I am well versed?

You need to answer multiple-choice questions on the tutorial page to complete each tutorial. You can answer the questions without watching the video if you are well-versed. Give them a chance!

Why Should I Learn with Google?

Most courses are free and are certified by business experts, top businessmen, and some of the leading employers in the world. And you will be confident that you are learning the up-to-date, real-world skills that can help you achieve your objective.

Top 20 Sample Questions and Answers in Google Digital Unlocked Certification – 2020

Q. What is the greatest obstacle for most businesses when they go online?

A. Developing a Business Plan

Q. What is one of the significant advantages of display advertising when trying to advertise a new company online?

A. Everyone can see them

Q. Which of the following factors is not a significant factor when deciding whether to have a Web presence for your business?

A. How long have you been in the company?

Q. What are the first steps you can take when developing a business plan online?

A. Build targets and define a USP

Q. You experience an improvement in clicks or purchases as customers display photos of your goods online. What consumer touchpoint will you use to leverage the insight?

A. Social media is the best

Google Digital Unlocked

Make finding a web-based company simple for people.

Q. What is the word we use to explain how search engines categorize each content?

A. Indexing to search console

Q. What is the first move for your website in the search engine optimization process?

A. Keyword analysis

Q. Setting up a search engine optimization strategy will help you organize steps in order to increase the visibility of a website. What operation will be on the list first?

A. Keyword Analysis

Q. Several ways you can boost website efficiency from an SEO perspective. Which of the following statements is correct when it comes to establishing links?

A. Ties concealed inside site images increase your SEO efficiency

Q. What effect do meta and title tags have on the search engine when designing a search website?

A. There are embedded messages that help the search engine decide what’s on the web

Q. If you’re advertising on search engines, if you bid the same as your rival, a higher quality score would mean that you’re showing up where you’re compared.

A. Above them

Q. If you advertise using Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you pay only when?

A. someone clicks on your ad

Q. When you fine-tune paid search advertising, you change the broad-match keyword to the phrase-match keyword with which symbol?

A. Quotation marks are the symbol

Q. When you run a marketing campaign for search engines, what target do you hope to accomplish by getting conversion monitoring on your site?

A. Comprehending what works and what isn’t

Reaching more people locally, on social media, or on mobile.

Q. News directories are a great way to get noticed online. Which will be the first move to use a list?

A. Build a listing

Q. What are the benefits of using search engine ads while trying to market your goods and services locally?

A. You can limit the ads to a specific geographic region

Q. Why is social media a great tool for building trust and interaction with your audience?

A. Can share anything related to your business

Q. Which sort of tool can be used to track and analyze the behaviour of your social media followers on your website?

A. Website analytics software

Q. Mobile applications are a perfect resource for getting involved with clients on the go. What’s a significant benefit of a smartphone app over a website?

A. Push notifications can be sent through Apps

Q. Mobile advertisement is a fantastic resource for advertisers, but if the website isn’t, then will all the excellent work be undone?

A. Designed for different devices

Digital Unlocked certificate will look like:

Google Digital Unlocked

So, you’ve read the full article, and I hope you have a complete understanding of Google Digital Unlocked.

It’s up to you to enhance your digital skills with “Google Digital Unlocked

See you in the next article.

Please Note: The given questions are only sample questions. They may differ from the original exam questions.


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