Best Free Keyword Research Tools for Blogger

If you write a blog or an article, you will know the importance of keywords. The topic we are going to talk about today is the Best Free Keyword Research Tools. These are tools with which we can make our blog even more beautiful.

We all know how important keywords are for the purpose of SEO in any blog, and that is why Best Free Keyword Research Tools become even more important. Only through Keyword Research can we make our content more visible, and because of this, more users will visit our site.

Do you know that many companies spend a lot of money to find such keywords? You can find the keywords for your blog without any hassle through keyword research tools. Today, the Free Keyword Research Tools that we are going to talk about are very important for every blogger.

What are Keywords?

Before knowing about Free Keyword Research Tools, we have to understand what these keywords are. In fact, keywords are the life of any blog. It’s because of these keywords that the search engines understand the purpose of your blog or website. We should always choose keywords for our blog that are right according to SEO because by doing this, our website or blog gets a good ranking.

But we should also keep in mind if we do not use our main keywords in our article as much as possible, the ranking of our website or blog may fall. It is not easy to choose the right keyword for your blog, because for this you have to assess many keywords, only then you will be able to know which keywords will be beneficial for you or not.

What are Keywords Research Tools?

To choose good keywords for your blog or website, there are many Keyword Research Tools available on the Internet, with the help of which you can find the right keywords for yourself. There are mainly two types of Keyword Research Tools:

  • Basic Keyword Research Tools

These are the most basic tools of the Keyword Research Tools, as the name suggests. Profitable Keywords are searched by Seed Keyword with the help of this tool.

  • Competitor-Based Keyword Research Tools

This Keyword Tool is used to find some Keywords that other people use to bring more traffic to their websites. The biggest advantage of this keyword is that you will get the same keywords from which other people are benefiting.

But there is also a problem with it: if everyone uses the same Keyword Research Tools, then everyone will get the same keywords, and the competition will increase even more.

Why Choose the Best Keyword Research Tools?

If we all start putting the same keywords in the blog, then our website will start having problems getting a good ranking because there will be competition among us everywhere. Many times, you may also wonder why such keywords should not be included in the blog, which no one is searching for because even by doing this, your blog or site will not get enough traffic because of the keywords you are using. Nobody is looking for them.

This is why we need the best keyword research tools, with the help of which we can start getting the best and most profitable keywords.

What are the Best Free Keyword Research Tools?

Now, with the help of the keyword research tools that we are going to describe, you can find good keywords for your blog or article. With the help of these tools, we get a lot of proficient keywords. Let us now know about some Free Keywords Research Tools.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool that helps you get great keywords easily. This tool was primarily designed for the purpose of any advertisement, but if anyone wants, with the help of it, one can also search for Organic Keywords.

Through this Keyword Research Tool, you start getting ad group ideas along with Keyword ideas.

Long Tail Keyword Finder

This is such a Keyword Research Tool, using which you get keywords to write a blog in Hindi or English language very easily. It is very beneficial for those who are mainly bloggers, marketers, webmasters, or YouTubers. With the help of this Keyword Research Tool, they can increase their traffic effectively.

The biggest advantage of this Keyword Research Tool is that while searching keywords, you get all the related keywords together.

Uber Suggest

This is another great Keyword Research Tool for searching keywords, with the help of which you can get all the Keyword suggestions related to that Keyword. When you search, you immediately get a list of keywords in which the keywords are countless.


If you manage a lot of channels at once, then you may find it difficult to find the Keyword for all of them. In this case, Soovle is such a great keyword research tool through which you can find the most frequently typed keywords.

KW Finder

Think that you will find such a Keyword Research Tool in which you can also know which Keyword is competitive, its SEO, Search Volume, PPC Advertising, etc., along with searching Keywords. It’s so convenient to use. This Keyword Research Tool also shows Google’s top keywords.

Apart from this, information about the domain strength, Facebook likes, and the number of backlinks of that Keyword is also available.

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