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Hello, my friends. Today, I will talk about the fastest way to improve domain authority. If you are working on SEO to improve your page ranking, then you must know about domain authority. For those of my friends who don’t know about domain authority, let me explain it to them first.

Domain authority is a matric that was introduced by Moz, there are multiple factors that search engines determine to rank a website, domain authority one of those. Higher the domain authority, you get higher ranking results, and you will get more traffic for your website.

Before going to start step by step point, I will remind you it is not simple to get higher domain authority. It takes time, so don’t lose your petition.

Alright, now you are ready to start knowing what the fastest way to improve domain authority is.

Step 01. Domain Name

Fastest Way To Improve Domain Authority

If you are a new blogger and are going to start your website, then you can start it by choosing your domain name. Yes, book your domain name related to your niche. Take an example: if your niche is Photography, then your domain must be included with photo words like photoblog, best photo, etc.

Relevant domain names make it easy to remember your niche potential customers, and you get more traffic from returning visitors.

If you have already started your website, you have already booked your domain to make sure your domain is not going to expire soon. If possible, renew it for at least five years.

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Step 02. Page Content

Content Writing

In Google search engine ranking, we all know page content and how much it matters. In the same way, page content again plays a big role in domain authority, so make sure your page content is more reliable and fully optimized. Including your title tag, meta tag, page content, and image alt tags. Additionally, include your long-tail key to improve page content reliability for SEO and Domain Authority.
In my personal experience with to fastest way to improve domain authority, I think page content plays the main role.

Step 03. Link building

Fastest Way To Improve Domain Authority

The better the referring domains, the better your domain authority, so link building is again a major point for improving your domain authority. Publishing your post regularly is key to getting more links from other domains, but remember one thing: your post must be relevant to the brand and your audience.

Also, use an easily readable font and well-designed templates for your website and earn high-quality links to increase domain authority.

Step 04. Internal Linking

Fastest Way To Improve Domain Authority

In the fastest way to improve domain authority, you must take care of your visitors who visit your blog. Internal linking is one of the best to engage your one-time visitors with long-time visitors. Yes, I am right when you write your blog be careful about internal linking it must be related to your topics. Visitors need to have more knowledge about that particular they didn’t go anywhere else. It does not only improve your user experience but also helps to improve the domain authority.

Step 05. Remove Bad Links

Fastest Way To Improve Domain Authority

The bad word always does bad things in SEO terms. Bad links affect your ranking position in search results on Google. Be in the practice of Removing toxic and spammy links from your website on a regular basis.

We focus on a clean link profile to improve the domain authority. Many blog writers do not consider fixing bad links, which is not good for site health. Bad links always harm your site’s ranking position, and if you do not fix them, then you lose your ranking.

Link a good man. You also focus on the good linking profile to your SEO, and DA both get their desired place.

Step 06. Mobile Friendly

Fastest Way To Improve Domain Authority

As we know this is the era of mobile and tablets, a huge number of online users accessing the web through their mobiles and handy devices. If your site is properly optimised for mobile devices, then it is better for your results.

It does not decrease your search engine ranking, but also you lose your potential customers from your website. So this point also matters in domain authority building for any website.

Now, how would you check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not? Google has a free tool for that. Just click here and test your site.

Step 07. Social Media

Fastest Way To Improve Domain Authority

Yes, social media is everywhere, engaging visitors from social sites another way to improve your results. Be a practice to regularly share your blog articles on different social media sites. These not only help to improve your domain authority but also help to improve your site visitors from a huge customer base.

Social sites are one of the easiest ways to improve your site audience and make your brand more trustworthy. It helps you to get backlinks for your sites from other high-quality resources.

Step 08. Website Loading Speed

Fastest Way To Improve Domain Authority

Poor page loading speed increases your website’s bounce rate. In this huge information world, no one is going to wait to get any information from the internet.

Google and other search engines give them lots of article links on a single page. If your page doesn’t load faster, then it is 100% certain that visitors will skip to another website for information. It does not matter how relevant and genuine you write your article.

To increase your page loading speed, go for a good server to host your website. To check your website page’s loading speed, you can use the Google page speed tool.


So, in the end, Domain authority is most important for a number of reasons. DA allows search engines to judge site performance. It also helps you compare your score with your competitors’ websites. Use the above steps for the fastest way to improve the domain authority’s best results.


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