Facebook & Instagram Down: Users Report Auto-Logout Issues & Connectivity Problems – Are You Affected?

Facebook & Instagram Down: Many users are experiencing difficulties accessing the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms experienced an unexpected outage on Tuesday night (5 February 2024), leading to automatic logouts from users’ accounts and error messages being displayed.

Users are unable to log back into their accounts, causing frustration among millions of users who have reported the issue. Similar problems are also being encountered on Messenger and Thread App. Thousands of users have registered complaints on the outage tracking website ‘Downdetector’, with reports indicating that the issues began around 8:30 pm and are ongoing.

Facebook & Instagram Down

Cyber experts speculate that the outage may be the result of a DDoS attack, although there has been no official response from Facebook’s parent company, Meta, as of yet.

Many affected individuals are expressing their grievances on Twitter, while others are utilizing other social media platforms to voice their concerns. The hashtags “#FacebookDown” and “#InstagramDown” are currently trending as users discuss the outage.

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