Exciting Tech Updates: WhatsApp Introduces Game-Changing Chat Style

If you’re a WhatsApp user, there’s significant news for you. WhatsApp has introduced several new features for editing messages simultaneously. Four text formatting tools have been added, including bullets, numbers, blocks, and inline. These tools can be accessed easily using shortcuts. It’s worth noting that WhatsApp already offers tools like bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace.

Here’s How to Use These WhatsApp Tools:

whatsapp new update guideline

This new feature update is now available for iOS, Android, Web, and Mac users, both in private and group chats, and it’s accessible to administrators of channels or groups.

  1. Using Bullets:
    Bullets are commonly used for making lists. To create a bulleted list, simply add a hyphen (‘-‘) before and after each sentence. Press Enter to move to the next line and automatically start a new bullet point.
  2. Using Numbering:
    Numbering works similarly to bullets. To create a numbered list, start with ‘1.’ before the first sentence. After pressing Enter, the subsequent numbers will be automatically generated.
  3. How to Highlight:
    To quote or highlight a chat or message, use the ‘>’ symbol before and after the text. Ensure there’s a space before and after these shortcuts.
  4. Using Inline Code:
    To include inline code, enclose the sentence within backticks (‘`’) before and after.

These new features offer enhanced flexibility and usability for WhatsApp users across various platforms.

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