Exciting News for Indians: Lava Phones to Introduce Desi BharOS

When discussing smartphones, the majority of those manufactured in India currently utilize operating systems from Google and Apple, as well as from Chinese and Korean companies.

Google’s Android operating system holds a dominant position, being used in 95.2 % of smartphones in India, while Apple’s iOS accounts for 3.93 % of the market. Additionally, a small portion of the market, 0.05 percent, is occupied by Hong Kong’s KaiOS and Samsung’s operating system. This means that regardless of the brand of the phone, it typically relies on an operating system from another country.

However, efforts are now underway to introduce smartphones based on indigenous operating systems like BharOS, aimed at reducing the dependency on Apple and Google. According to reports from ET Telecom, the indigenous BharOS operating system will be featured in Lava smartphones developed by IIT Madras. It is anticipated that BharOS-based smartphones will enhance data security for Indian users and contribute to India’s self-reliance goals.

Desi BharOS

It is projected that within the next six months, around 500 Lava smartphones designed and manufactured in India will be equipped with BharOS. Rishi Bhatnagar, President of Lava’s Research and Development team, believes that BharOS will revolutionize the Indian smartphone industry. These smartphones will operate on BharOS rather than Google’s Android OS, potentially reshaping the dynamics of the market.

Furthermore, BharOS-based smartphones are expected to be more affordable compared to those based on other operating systems. Additionally, BharOS is anticipated to offer improved data privacy features, promising a significant advancement in smartphone technology.

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