How to Boost the Open Rate of Your Emails?

Are your subscribers interested in hearing from you? If yes, your email list is still not stale. One of the most common pieces of advice is to maintain the freshness of your email list. Time after time, changes will happen to this list. For instance, your customers may have chosen a different account. Or, they may have picked another brand in your niche.

Inactive subscribers are people who have not taken part in your business activities for six months. Before you remove them from your list, send a reminder email. Check if they would be interested in your business again. How to Create and Use an Email Marketing Funnel

A simple way of maintaining freshness in your email list is by asking customers. Inquire if they would be interested in updating their preferences. Such queries help customers control what they receive. And, this kind of authority can do wonders for your business.

Say No to Spam Filters 

In the past few years, spam mail has become a big thing. This is why spam filters are more sophisticated than ever. Yet, your finest emails can land in the spam folder.

To avoid such situations, you must identify everything that will push your email to the spam folder. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Every recipient should have subscribed to your emails.
  • The campaign emails must be sent from healthy IP addresses.
  • Your domain needs to be verified.
  • Your website design and code needs to be clean.
  • Always personalize the emails
  • Avoid words that sound like spam. This includes terms like discount, deals, and other cheesy phrases.
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Time Matters! 

Every marketing email has to be sent at the right hour. This is extremely crucial. Finding the best time is difficult. You need to engage in adequate amounts of A/B tests. Once the time frames are identified, you need to use them in your future campaigns.

The type of content sent has to be modified based on the location, time and age group. Logically, all of these factors will decide if your customers are going to open the email or not.

A Classy Subject Line! 

The subject line acts as the heartbeat of any email. Most viewers choose to open or delete an email based on the subject. This means you need to spend lots of effort and time in forming the subject line.

Many companies stick to a common subject line formula. These subject lines are often white-listed. To move forward, and stay ahead in the competition – you need to get creative.


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