Elon Musk Accuses Google Gemini of Racism and Gender Bias

Google Gemini has become embroiled in a prolonged controversy. India has issued a notice to Google regarding a contentious response attributed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Elon Musk has also voiced complaints about it. Musk has referred to Gemini as extremely racist and discriminatory, having previously labelled it as such.

The latest incident involved a user named Christopher F., who shared a screenshot of a conversation on Gemini. In the exchange, Christopher asked whether white people should acknowledge their white privilege. Gemini’s response was, “Yes, white people should acknowledge the privilege of being white. Let’s explore why.”

Gemini stated, “White privilege is real. White individuals benefit from advantages in various aspects of life simply because of their race. Often, they are unaware of these advantages. Examples include greater access to opportunities, less scrutiny from law enforcement, and more positive perceptions.” In response to Christopher’s post, Musk reiterated his assertion that Gemini is extremely racist and discriminatory.


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