How to Earn Money From YouTube – Step by Step Guide

Before I tell you how to make money from YouTube, let’s get to know about YouTube.

YouTube is a video sharing site where you can upload your own video.

YouTube does not charge you any money for sharing videos, you can login with your gmail account and upload your video.

We use it every day to watch YouTube videos. But do you know these things related to YouTube?

• 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute

• YouTube is the world’s second most popular site in Alexa rankings

• A billion hours of video is watched every day on YouTube

• YouTube has more than one billion users

• Google has the most searches on YouTube

• 6 out of 10 people like to watch videos on YouTube

Isn’t it a wonderful thing, after knowing these things, did you think of earning money from YouTube or not, let us know in the comment box below.

YouTube is Google’s only video platform, which is why people’s trust in it increases even more.

1. Who Can Earn Money From YouTube?

Any person who has a smart phone or computer can earn money from YouTube. This is neither rocket science nor any degree course.

YouTube is the centre of art, where people see their skills by capturing them in videos.

2. How Much Does YouTube Charge For This?

As I told you earlier this is a completely free platform. You do not have to pay any fee before or after using it.

Neither the hassle of hosting nor the emulation of any domain. Just log in to YouTube from your Gmail and the platform is ready.

3. How Much Money Can You Make From YouTube?

It all depends on your skill and your viewer. Sometimes you can earn easily by making videos on trending topics.

YouTube pays in millions every year. The top 5 highest-grossing YouTubers in CNBC’s report 2019 are:

• Ryan Kaji – $ 26 million

• Dude Perfect – $ 20 million

• Anastasia Radzinskaya – $ 18 million

• Rhett and Link – $ 17.5 million

• Jeffree Star – $ 17 million

These are all big YouTubers, it is not easy for everyone to reach here, but every month thousands and millions can be easily earned.

4. Videos on YouTube Should Have a Niche

To start a blog, you need a niche. Similarly, for YouTube channels also you need a niche.

Before becoming a successful YouTuber, you need to know your viewers. Only when you get to know your viewers well, you will be able to make a good video for them.

If you need help in choosing your niche, you can read my book “How to Choose Your Bestselling Niche“.

5. Ways to Make Money with YouTube

To earn money from YouTube, you will mainly have to follow these things.

Earn Money From YouTube

• First You Need to Start Your YouTube Channel

To have a channel on YouTube you will need a Gmail account. Go to YouTube and login with your Gmail. After logging in, you can create your own YouTube channel by clicking on the menu of create channel.

Once the channel is created you will need to do some basic settings. Do also put your logo and profile photo on your channel. If you have created a site or social profile related to your channel, then link it too.

• Make Videos Related to Your Niche

After the channel is created, the next task for you is to create a video. This is a very important job, all the earnings are based on your videos only.

The better and more informative videos you make, the more people will like your videos.

Making videos is also an art that you will have to learn. You can learn the ways of other YouTubers by watching their videos. Whether the first time your video will become good or not there is no guarantee, but gradually you will succeed in it.

• Upload the Video to YouTube

After the video is created, your next task is to upload it. You can log in to your YouTube channel and upload videos.

1. While uploading the video, you have to take care of some important things.

2. Capture the video title.

3. Also write keywords related to your video.

4. Mention the video description.

5. If you are using someone else’s data, then do not forget to give credit to him.

6. Upload a thumbnail image of the video to make it attractive.

• Share Your Videos With More People

Initially, when you do not have viewers then you have to share it with people after publishing your video.

You can put your video in your article, and if you have social media accounts, then you can share it there too.

The more people your video will reach, the sooner you get a number of viewers. If you are able to do paid advertisement then you can do that too.

• Apply for YouTube Advertisement and Earn Money

Some watch time and subscribers are set to start earning on YouTube. If you have achieved it, then you can monetize from the channel settings.

After which Google’s ads start appearing in all your videos. Your earning starts according to the view and click on the ads.

You must follow all the methods mentioned above in order. The most important thing is to be patient and always show the right facts in the video.

How Do You Get Money From YouTube?

When your ads earn $ 100 or more. Then you can get money from YouTube through your bank account or check.

Depending on your country, you may find more ways to get money. You should read all the information given by YouTube carefully.

In the end …

You can make money from YouTube without spending any money. Among all the video-sharing platforms on the Internet video, YouTube is the most liked one.

If you are thinking of making money from YouTube, then this is your golden opportunity. Create your YouTube channel today.

Google ads are not the only means to make money from YouTube. When you become a successful YouTuber, then you also have many more options open. Such as the promotion of a product, affiliate marketing, paid video etc.

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