How To Choose The Best Domain Name?

Are You Struggling to Find A Good Domain Name For Your Next Online Venture?

You came to the right place then.

Names are everywhere.

That’s how as humans we remember things, It comes very naturally to us.

And the same thing applies to your blog as well.

A good domain name increases your chances to get more exposure in the market.

This way you’ll be able to generate some decent amount of traffic to your site as more and more people will remember your site’s name. (Direct Traffic)

This is our focus in this article.

But … A lot of people struggle when it comes to finding the right domain name for their blog.

Today, I’m going to share the exact same procedure I use to select names for my websites. (Step by Step)

Chosing Best Domain Name Infographic

Get Some Creative Ideas First

It’s a big one as… Ideas are very crucial.

They help you to get ahead with your naming process.

If, You are not getting some good ideas inside your brain. The number one thing that you should be doing is checking on your competitors.

See how they actually named their sites.

Although having a good domain name doesn’t give you good rankings. SEO does that for you.

I’ve talked about ranking a blog without backlinks in this article but… Anyways we will talk about Google rankings in detail some other time.

I’m going to discuss two methods here to generate an awesome name.

I generally use both of them.


First of all, I choose to go with the automatic method to get a good idea about the variety and then, later on, I add a manual touch to it.

Automatic Method

With the help of automation tools, It can get way easier to generate an awesome list of domains.

You will get a lot of variety to choose from.

And you don’t even need to put pressure on your brain.

The tool that I recommend you to generate automatic names is Namelix.

In my experience, it is one of the best tools that you can use to automate the whole process.

This way you can also find some very good short letter domains that can be branded pretty well.

Now you must be wondering, How to use it to it’s fullest.

Here’s a step by step guide for you.

1. Head over to your browser and open


2. Then use it’s search feature to enter some keywords related to your niche/industry & Click on generate.

3. Now head on to the top & select “Domains Available” & click on generate again. Now it will only show the domains which are available to register. video to gif

4. If you want to use your keywords in the domain name, You can tick the option “Use Keywords” & regenerate the names.

Namelix Use Keywords In Domain Name

5. It also has an option to set up the domain extension of your choice in case you’re looking for something other than the default .com.\

Namelix Choose Extensions

6. Now explore all the names that the software is showing you & click the heart button to save the name. This way you’ll be able to find all your favorite domains names in the “Saved” section.

Namelix Saved Section

TIP: Ignore all the premium domain names that are shown in between the names. We’re not looking for something that’s out of our budget & spending thousands of dollars on just the NAME of the domain is not at all worth it.

Manual Method

We, Humans, built these tools for better time efficiency but nothing can beat the mind of an actual human being.

So this is what my manual method is all about.

Using your creative skills to make your domain name look appealing.

Manual Method Choosing a Blog Name

Some of you may find this method difficult because of the lack of creative skills & I completely get it. Some People are built that way.

I’m going to share some things for these people as well.

So let’s break this further down.


This is the formula that we are going to apply.

My suggestion would be to use either prefix or suffix at a single time. Don’t use both of them.

Let’s try to understand this concept with the help of an example.

What’s the name of this blog? See the URL box right now.

Blogging Worm. Right?

This also follows the same prefix suffix concept.

Now the question is how to choose the right prefix and suffix.

My go-to thing is to select the name of any animal or plant & placing it in the place of suffix or prefix.

Also, to make the job much easier for you, Here’s the list of few prefixes and suffixes that you can choose from – Prefix Suffix List

Interesting Fact – Do you know “FOOD PANDA” the famous food delivery app is also following this same pattern.

  • Example #1:

My Keyword – Blogging

Prefix or Suffix – Beetel 

Domain Name – (This name is available at the time I’m writing this article)

  • Example #2:

My Keyword – Social

Prefix or Suffix – Hamster

Domain Name –

Now, I’m hoping that you got the whole point.

Some Things To Avoid While Choosing a Domain

  • Choose a domain name that doesn’t have a HYPHEN inside it.
  • Avoid having numbers in the domain name.
  • Avoid names that are already copyright of others.
  • Check if the domain was already used in the past before, If YES, Check it’s complete profile thoroughly.
  • Don’t select an extremely long name.

So these were my short and simple strategies to choose a perfect domain name. However, I would not emphasis you to waste too much time in the process of selecting the name.

The name is not even the 0.1% part of the whole process.

In the end, Execution is what matters the most.

So follow the above strategies and start your business right now. Don’t procrastinate or delay the process.

See This Step By Step Guide to get your blog started today. It will walk you through the exact procedure after you have the perfect domain name.

That’s it for today folks.

I’ll see you some other time.

Till Then Keep Blogging.


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