Does Social Media Play a Vital Role in Education?

Social media has been widely accepted as an established platform to gain knowledge and seek information. It covers almost all the topics from science and technology to politics to religion, sports, business, human rights and much more.

Almost all social media platforms allow you to choose specific topics of interest and preferences. This is usually a one-time activity at the start of setting up any social media account. Although, it is also possible to amend the list at a later stage. Based on the set preferences, social media platforms then show the best matching posts for the individual account holders. For example, a person sets up science and technology, and sports as their preference. Social media will show information, accounts, posts even advertisements related to the selected choices in the news feed of that account.

Does Social media play a vital role in education

Further, there are groups, pages, and people who gather together based on their interests. One is free to join or leave any such groups when the objective is met or when a better group or topic is found. These are mostly informal gatherings. Formal gatherings might focus on one topic, or confined to geographical or be based on demographic attributes.

Even though social media is also accused of publishing and disseminating fake news and inaccurate information. There are several ways students or anyone can learn from social media alongside having all the socializing and fun.

1. Informal Education

Learning from each other is the simplest and oldest thing in all the cultures. In modern times, the same has been converted to a digital platform. We all learn from society, and from each other. On social media, the same is done through the sharing of resources, information and materials worthy of having sound information that helps in learning and educating each other.

2. Formal Education

Social media allow users to make specific groups that are closed and limited to certain age groups or specific to people by geographical location. Online sharing of resources, materials, and tutorials is simplified because of social groups. One can even join a specific subject interest group as well and school classes can go virtual by creating a page or a closed group.

3. Motivational Topics

TEDx talks and other similar platforms have gathered speakers around the globe. Talks from these speakers have topics on a wide variety of subjects. Individuals have their accounts filled with slideshows, videos and multimedia graphics covering topics of interest. This is accessible to anyone who chooses to take advantage of it. Students, youth and anyone can access the vast public collection of information through social media.

4. Career Counselling

Does Social media play a vital role in education

Today’s career opportunities exist in a variety. White colour jobs to blue colour to entrepreneurs to classical jobs like engineering and medicine. Youth has a lot to choose from. Career counselling groups on social media can be the best opportunity for those who are trying to decide their future.

5. Career Connections

How does one find a job? Traditional methods of newspaper advertisements may be helpful. How many read newspapers these days? A quick fix would be to join and seek help from career-oriented people and groups actively engaged in online communications to find the right type of coworkers and team players.

6. Skill Development

Food recipes, hotel management, knitting, origami and many more interest-based groups, individuals and companies exist online. The majority of them might just have an online existence. They welcome all age groups to join and be part of the learning as well as teaching experience. Online tutorials provide an opportunity to learn skills at their own pace.

Adding to the above lists, there is a vast resource of knowledge that social media possesses. Allowing every individual to take benefit and increase their knowledge base. The Internet is also great for distance learning. So nothing is confined to one geographical location.

Does Social media play a vital role in education

The problem with the Internet is that there are unstructured data, events and information. Plus, you will find all sorts of different angles and approaches to the same topic. Sometimes the instructors take on the very opposing stance to each other on the same topics. It might become hard for the viewer to decide what is the best out of the many choices given to them. Well, there is no method and no right or wrong way to approach a topic. In the end, it is up to the consumer how he organizes and structures his or her learning.

Another problem is the interest and attention span. If you are not an active participant, it becomes easy to lose interest or attention in the video or tutorial. You might find yourself replaying the video multiple times. That means you still have an interest in the topic. Repeating the topic helps grasp the subject in depth. Some users can lose interest altogether and might start to look for something else that can capture their interest. Buy Instagram Likes UK can also help on Instagram.

Chat groups pose a greater risk of diverting from the topic. As there are multiple participants they might bring in their angle of interest. If not planned and organized carefully, it is also likely that the group has different levels of knowledge to come together. This would make it hard to talk about one topic at beginner, medium and expert level.

No matter what, it is a great database of information and knowledge that one can learn from.


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