Disney+Hotstar: Sharing Passwords May Incur Additional Costs, Increasing Expense for Users

Everyone uses the Ott Platform, but companies continue to take new steps regarding password sharing. Some time ago, Netflix announced a ban on password sharing. Now, something similar is also being done by Disney+hoststar. That is, now you will not be able to share passwords on this either.

Last year, giving information about this, Disney Chief Executive Officer Bob Aigar gave a hint. He had said that we could take new steps for password sharing outside the household. But now confirmation has also been found on this. Disney Chief Financial Officer Hugh Johnston said on Wednesday, saying that he had taken action against the passwords shared improperly and these accounts will be suspended.

Now after this, speculations are being made that action will be taken by Disney+Hotstar against password sharing. That is, now only you will be able to share the password among the family members. If you share the password outside this, then the accounts of such users will be suspended. It was completely clear from the company that password sharing is being banned. In such a situation, if the users are not from the same house, then they will not be able to share the password.

Johnston had said, ‘We want to reach more people. We want to make this possible by understanding our content. We want to take these steps to increase the subsidy base. It will also improve the customer experience. Also, the company’s subscribers will also increase. If someone still wants to share a password, then he will have to make some payment for it. After paying additional fees, he will be able to take advantage of it.

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