Digital Marketing Jobs, Is It Safe to Start Career

Digital marketing jobs are the most rising job category in the 21st century. Starting from this era, many changes have happened to this job category. Because most of the people are skill-based workers, they try to work in flexible working conditions.

So, in this article, we discuss everything related to digital marketing jobs. From starting “What is digital marketing jobs and ending of the future potential market for digital marketing jobs.”

01. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing isn’t that different from conventional marketing in several respects: you have a product you intend to sell, and you’re searching for respects to connect with consumers to create brand recognition and finally ‘close’ a sale.

Digital marketing involves more positions and expertise than ever before; making it so interesting and exciting is the agile, dynamic nature of the company.

02. What is Digital Marketing Professionalism?

A digital marketing professional, or expert, is also responsible for designing the approach used in the online marketing of a company’s product, using techniques such as social media, web analytics, email marketing, and search engine optimization, among others.

They can put together various online promotions and email campaigns to get the message out of their business, as well as conduct market research to discover other ways to reach customers via the Internet. Many potential work descriptions for digital marketing practitioners include the digital sales director, SEO marketer, and online marketing manager, to name a few.

Digital Marketing Jobs

03. Why Should You Start a Career in Digital Marketing?

One of the most important choices you’ll make in your life. Although it’s an exciting time to settle on a new profession, there’s no doubt that all of the possibilities make it breathtaking.

How do you know if it would fulfil a career? Can you have a long time imagining yourself in this job? Would you want to make enough to cover your rent?

For recent graduates and self-driven learners alike, digital marketing has opened up a wide variety of work opportunities. Inside the digital marketing room, there are several choices. And work comes with decent pay inside a digital marketing job, which makes them all so much more attractive.

04. Advantages

  • Creativity

Anyone with a background in video production or design will, without a doubt, find a place in the world of digital marketing. From web development to video creation and even illustration, there is always space for creative and innovative content, which art professionals also handle.

Your degree in fine arts doesn’t have to go to waste as long as you supplement it with some production experience, digital media, or web design.

  • Flexibility

These kinds of jobs are versatile, not just in what you can specialize in but also location-wise. More and more companies have the option of operating remotely, and many companies don’t even have a staff office. And if you select the freelancing route from anywhere in the world, you can operate.

  • High Earnings

Digital marketers should hope to earn a higher than average salary, although the exact sum would depend on their speciality and experience; the simple fact that many positions are available means that you, as an employee or as a freelancer, have the ability to place a value on yourself.

Digital marketing executives in the U.S. should expect to gain anywhere within the range of $86,930, according to Glassdoor. Although this isn’t necessarily a starting wage, it indicates the future earnings potential of this career.

05. Top Skills You Should Master to Get Digital Marketing Jobs.

Here are some skills that are a must when you’re talking about digital marketing.

Familiar with all of the SEO, PPC, Video, Email, and Social Media digital marketing platforms.

  • Experience in simple architecture.
  • Selling skills.
  • Target mentality.
  • Maker mindedness.
  • Be cutting-edge.
  • Adapt to any sort of setting.
  • Data Review
  • The success of the initiatives will be analyzed.
  • Learn the basics of Excel operations.
  • WordPress Foundation Awareness.
  • Learn how Google Analytics operates.

These are a few remarkable skills you need to learn to become an outstanding Digital Marketer.

06. Top 3 Certifications You Should Have to Get a Job

  • Google Adwords Certificate

The Google AdWords certification is a professional qualification that helps people to demonstrate Google AdWords knowledge. The certificate has a one-year validity.

  • Google Analytics Certificate

Google Analytics has become an important resource for marketers as it is free to use in their digital marketing toolkit, but it can be daunting to become an expert, given how detailed the resource is for users.

By being certified by Google Analytics, you will be successful at using Google Analytics within your company and will help others use the tool.

  • Facebook Ad Certificate

Facebook ads are an easy way to reach your target market and increase awareness within your organization.

There are two certifications available for this program: Facebook Certified Planning Professional and Facebook Certified Purchasing Professional. There are more job certifications in the works, according to Facebook. Is Email Marketing Still Useful In 2020? A Complete Guide!

These are only top certificates in Digital Marketing jobs. But there are many certificates you can get to fulfil digital marketing jobs.

Digital Marketing Jobs

07. Top 5 Digital Marketing Positions in the Industry

SEO/SEM Analyst

SEO and SEM are essential for a successful digital marketing campaign, and for this reason, anyone who can demonstrate solid technical knowledge and combine it with digital marketing expertise, particularly in the spectrum managerial end, will be the top earner in this field.

Salary Data:

The low end of the scale is $62 000 USD ($50 400 EU) per year for these types of work, but more seasoned SEO / SEM professionals and analysts may expect to receive mostly $100 000 USD ($81 000 EU) per year.

What they do:

It is important for companies to have a search engine-friendly website. Many people do not know what a website that operates from a human perspective, and even from a search perspective, is for.

Three factors affect the rankings of a website — search engines, competitors, and you. We can not control the search engines, and we can not control rivals, but we are able to control a website. That makes the job of an analyst at SEO / SEM invaluable. For those who want to learn about our time-tested SEO / SEM approach, we discuss this in-depth in our SEO ToolSet Training course.

An SEO / SEM analyst ensures that the website is search-engine-friendly, meaning that there are no problems stopping search engines from crawling and indexing it. This person is also optimizing the website by engaging in technological and marketing activities to get more web traffic. SEO is an interminable process, making it enjoyable and challenging.

Responsibilities of SEO/SEM Analyst

  • Perform keyword research using different tools (such as Keyword Planner and Moz)
  • Carry out comparative analysis and find deficiencies in our content or areas of improvement in our web design.
  • Monitor critical SEO metrics like organic traffic, conversion levels and page time.
  • Redesign older content and add successful calls to action (CTAs) to increase user interaction.
  • Performance monitoring reporting comparing them to our SEO targets and benchmarking data
  • Optimizing web sites

Web Writer or Content Marketer

Digital marketing is about creating and delivering useful, insightful, and relevant content to a clearly established audience and enabling members of that audience to engage meaningfully with your brand — whether in the form of a visit to the site, a sale, or a download of content.

Marketing content is most common in blog posts (long-form material), but writing newsletters, emails, white papers, landing pages, and product descriptions — are all content marketing types as well.

Salary Data:

According to data from the 2020 survey of, writers who specialize in advertisement, public relations, Blogs, and related services make an average annual salary of $45,377.

What they do

A content writer is a person who creates appropriate and informative text for the website, eventually attracting more traffic and encouraging web visitors to act — whether that means purchasing a product or learning more about the business.

This is also the content writer who produces material that follows the website’s keywords and general themes. The content writer would also write copies as well as blog posts for home pages and landing pages.

Responsibilities of Web Writer or Content Marketer

  • Conceptualize, sell, study, and write search-friendly blog content that brings interest to prospects and readers.
  • Write download pages, product pages, white papers, newsletters, social networking promotions, and other content-related collateral.
  • Copy a range of print and digital material.
  • Have a general understanding of SEO strategies — like building links, site layout, optimizing pictures.

Social Media Marketer

Social media marketing is all about creating an audience. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram not only allow brands to extend their reach but also create social communities.

For certain marketing activities, other channels are stronger. For instance, fashion companies seeking to exploit social influencers may find the most success on Instagram, while a B2B SaaS company looking to get more attention to their blog posts may find the most success on Twitter. But the concept stays the same: social media helps advertisers to more easily reach out and connect with consumers, albeit on a wider scale.

Salary data:

A social media marketer’s average salary can be high, with publishing an average annual salary of $46,000 and reporting an average salary of $107,000. Those two figures are, on average, at $76,500.

What they do:

Social media marketers are responsible for establishing a brand identity across social networks and creating awareness and customer relationships. This covers several different practices, ranging from establishing company accounts on social media to producing content, from interacting with clients to building relationships with influencers.

Whether you are in the millennial generation, you’re probably used to the frequent use of social media. As digital marketing advanced, it opened the doors to social media workers. Businesses now see the importance of social influence and are willing to pay someone to help them handle that influence.

Responsibilities of Social Media Marketer

  • Creating and maintaining an editorial calendar for all appropriate social media
  • Regular interaction with audience members by engaging with followers and reacting to comments and posts
  • Maintaining a clear voice and tone of the brand
  • Tracking and reporting of paid and organic marketing campaigns
  • Coordinating with the content team on strategic planning and blog promotion

UX Designer

User Experience (UX) designers are responsible for the creation of end-to-end websites and digital marketing applications. They may or may not have a profound technological history or may be better versed on the spectrum design end.

Salary data:

The starting salary could be as small as US$ 50 000 (US$ 40 000) annually, but accomplished designers may earn more than US$ 150 000 (US$ 120 000) annually.

What they do:

UX designers concentrate on approaching the website from a whole consumer perspective. For that reason, they need to understand the customers as well as have in-depth knowledge of the product or service provided by a given user.

Usually, they will take the lead position in graphic design and evaluating project management, with a thorough look at the performance of a website or application from start to finish.

Responsibilities of UX Designer

  • Collecting and analyzing customer expectations in conjunction with product managers and engineers
  • Illustrate concept concepts using storyboards, process flows, and sitemaps.
  • Designing graphical user interface elements such as menus, tabs, and widgets

Virtual Reality Developers and Editors

That’s quite a high-tech work, but it’s so fresh and exciting, and there’s plenty of space for those in the artistic field – engineering. If you’re someone with a background that mixes imagination with technology, whether you’re in Digital reality, it may be a part of graphics or even special effects, which is the perfect field for you.

Salary data:

A VR professional can expect to receive $65 000 USD (about $53 000 EU) at the very low end of the scale. Still, there are plenty of opportunities to make $80 000-$ 100 000 USD ($65 000 $81 000 EU) and upwards annually, depending on the market.

What they do:

Many businesses work on some of the greatest VR / AR technologies, and they need talented developers to create immersive experiences for their rising customer base. They will develop creative, high-quality, and fully-performing applications in compliance with the coding and technical design requirements of the companies.

Responsibilities of Virtual Reality Developers and Editors

  • Create diverse, creative and highly interactive solutions to mixed reality;
  • Leading development of multiple mixed reality software applications targeting various hardware platforms
  • Working with leadership in identifying software application architecture and informing back-end design decisions
  • Working with product management and design team to shape user interface requirements
  • Ensuring code consistency, maintainability, and efficiency

08. Future of Digital Marketing

In recent days, digital marketing certainly has many advantages. Yet, how do you foresee the field’s future? I delved deeply into the future of digital marketing and pointed out the reasons why digital marketing is going to have a bright future. Digital marketing jobs are going to be in demand.

With an estimated $46 billion going into programmatic advertising in 2019, it is expected that by the end of 2020, 86% of all digital display ads will be delivered by automation. This move to AI automation offers a more streamlined, effective, and reliable approach to paid media while dramatically reducing the cost of acquiring customers.

This sector has changed positions in marketing. The digital transformation is not limited to the CIO anymore.

This has a high contribution ratio. So, the conversion rate is very high as well.

By 2020, 50%of Global 2000 will see much of its market rely on its ability to develop digitally enabled goods, services, and experiences.

With that, we get to the end of this Digital Marketing Career post. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about this subject, and we will get back to you.

09. Picking the Right Role for You

As you can see, if you’re considering embarking on a digital marketing job, there are a lot of jobs to choose from.

Even if it does not sound like it, there is very little chance of being shoehorned. Through some of the above examples, you can find that there is plenty of variation across marketing disciplines, and if you want to pivot, the skills you’ll need for one position can very well transfer to another.

Digital Marketing Jobs


I do hope you’ve enjoyed the article about Digital Marketing Jobs.

So, starting a new career in Digital Marketing and Earning well is up to you.

Have a good day.


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