How to Diagnose a Traffic Drop in the App Store?

Most businesses and organizations utilize mobile apps to generate leads, but they feel frustrated when they recognize that their traffic in mobile apps is declining.

You can find many articles in which you will be given information about how you can optimize your app. But you can’t find enough information about how you can diagnose the traffic drop. Several factors play an essential role in the visibility of an App Store.

This blog post will provide you with a proper guideline and will help you to overcome the traffic drop off your app store. We will provide you with relevant details about how you can win your traffic back.

Why Is Your App Traffic Reduced?

diagnose a traffic drop in the App Store

Identifying External Factors

If you are a business owner and your app traffic is declining, then you must first try to consider external factors, such as the seasonality of your business. Before starting investing for the traffic drop of your business, you would have to talk to other members and try to find out if seasonality plays any role. A few sites like Skyscanner generally experience a drop in traffic once the start of the year is over.

Identifying the Type of Keywords

Just like traditional search in the App Store, you would have to look for the individual keywords and group of keywords that experienced the biggest traffic drop. It will provide you with the needed context to take your investigation to a different level.

If you notice that the branded terms are experiencing more traffic drop, then it could mean that either your competitors are bidding on the same branded keyword or you have changed the brand name. But if you notice a traffic drop in non-branded terms, then it means that you have made a new change in optimization that has not worked well.

And lastly, if you notice the traffic drop in both the branded and non-branded keywords, then it means either you have violated the policies of Google.

Getting Data for Your Android App

If you want to get data for your Android application, then, first of all, sign in to the GPC account which is Google Play Console. It would provide you with enough data for the performance of your Android application, and engagement metrics with helpful insights. It will also show you the most popular individual keywords that trigger the download. However, the problem with GPC is that the keywords would not be classified into long-tailed keywords or short-tailed keywords. The keywords that don’t bring more traffic will be categorized as ‘other.’

Getting Data for Your IOS App

If you want to get data for the IOS app, you can use the Apple store to connect. It works similarly to GPC and will provide you with engagement metrics and insights.

In this, keyword data is scarier as compared to GPC.

Analyzing App User Engagement Metrics

The engagement metrics that provide an excellent user experience play an essential role in determining the ranks of your app for both Google and Apple.

Google also says that famous user engagement metrics such as ANR rates, app crashes, and bad reviews can reduce exposure opportunities.

Apple doesn’t openly state information about engagement metrics, but it also tells the users that the rating of the app plays an important role. Apple wants to provide IOS users with a good experience; therefore, they offer more engagement metrics.

Investigate the following:

  • Rating of the App
  • No. of ratings
  • No. of download
  • Install vs uninstall
  • App crashes

How to Win Traffic Back?

diagnose a traffic drop in the App Store

Spying On Competitor

If your app store is not getting enough traffic, then you would have to find out whose traffic is getting. At the time of searching for opportunities, you will have to enhance the visibility of your app store. You can compare the top-ranking competitors, and you will get a decent idea about why a particular app is ranking above you. You need to see the details of your competitor’s app store, including description and keywords. It would help if you also found out whether the competitors who are ranking above you have better reviews or more installs.

Optimizing the Text Field

The keywords that you add in the text field of your app play an essential role in the discoverability of your app. While spying on your competitor, you should also look at which keyword optimization of yours differs from theirs.

Optimizing the Store Listing

The store listing is situated in the home of your application on Google Play. It’s the place where the users will find more information about your app. They will read reviews and make a decision. If you invest in your store listing, then conversion will improve a lot. The overall user experience will also be enhanced. You can also add video trailers over there to attract the audience.

Investing in Localization

Last, of all, you would have to personalize the products for your audience in an effective way. It would help if you tried localizing your App Store listing and Google Play.


SEO traffic is applied by site owners to improve visibility, but they also play an important role in app traffic drop. You can hire companies offering affordable SEO packages to diagnose the traffic drop as it is a serious issue.


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