Decoding the ‘What’s Wrong With India’ Viral Trend: Social Media’s Latest Sensation Explained

The ‘What’s wrong with India‘ trend on social media platform X-X has garnered significant attention since its emergence on Tuesday evening. With over 2.5 lakh posts contributed thus far, the trend has sparked widespread discussion, even prompting a post on the Indian Government’s citizen participation portal, MyGovIndia. Curious about the trend’s origins and viral nature? We’ll delve into that in this article.

So, what exactly is the ‘What’s wrong with India’ trend?

The trend stems from the recent incident of a gang rape involving a Spanish tourist in Jharkhand, which occurred about 10 days ago. The ensuing social media outcry, amplified by the victim’s own video testimony, catalyzed the trend’s inception. It appears that the trend aims to spotlight such incidents within India. However, some voices on social media suggest that the trend may also harbor intentions to malign India’s image.

Over the past week, numerous posts, some branding India as the ‘rape capital’, have circulated under the ‘What’s wrong with India‘ trend.

Here are a few examples:

How have India’s social media users responded?

As the trend gained momentum, Indian social media users also seized the opportunity to highlight similar cases from other countries. While initially perceived as an attempt to besmirch India’s reputation, the trend garnered substantial engagement.

Additionally, MyGovIndia, the Government of India’s citizen engagement portal, countered the narrative by sharing achievements and positive aspects of India.

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