How to Build a Content Plan for Your BLOG?

Every business in the online industry wants to be admired, and shared by customers. Your first step toward a reliable online presence would be attracting customers. It is essential for customers to visit your website. And, for customers to land on your business site, there should be a reason.

According to experts, most people search for valuable insight on the internet. This is why “blogs” are famous. When you draft blogs for your business, you need to focus on a reliable content plan. In this post, you will read about this strategy. Time after time, tips and tricks on how to put together good content keeps changing. But, the basics remain consistent.

content plan for your BLOG

Use the RSS Feeds

First things first, you must keep an eye on the RSS Feed. You should never duplicate content. Instead, stick to the flow and try to gather useful ideas. If you choose to copy certain extracts from the original document, you must provide a reference.

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Explore, Explore and Keep Exploring!

The internet is a wild source of information. As you search for a specific topic, you will be bombarded with many details. You need to choose the trendiest, and relevant ones for your business. This means you must spend lots of time exploring. Look for blogs posted by your competitors. Keep an eye on how well it was received by potential customers. Of course, there are many directories with posts that are relevant to the industry. Explore through these resources too.

Review Blogs by Influencers

content plan for your BLOG

Moving on, you must be aware of the blogs posted by influencers. Every industry is known to have a strong collection of influencers. These personalities have made it big in your niche industry. Hence, stick to what they are keen on. Analyze their site, and go through the sidebar. Look for the latest blogs and events.

Search in Google 

The talk about any content plan will be incomplete without Google. This is one of the world’s biggest resources for information. No matter how “specific” your industry is, there will be information in Google. As you run a search, look for websites that replicate yours. Also, search for blogs that are truly inspiring.

content plan for your BLOG

Social Media Queries

Moving on, you need to explore your social media sites. Do customers have the habit of raising questions on your social media sites? If yes, this would be the best place to start drafting your content. Every question can be translated into a great blog, loaded with answers. In fact, this keeps in keeping customers engaged. And, this will drive more traffic to your website.

Focus on Your Clients

Just like social media networking sites, your existing customers can give you many ideas. When was the last time you brainstormed with your customers? How many questions did they come up with? Were you able to answer these questions? You can draft blogs based on these questions. Of course, don’t disclose any confidential information about your customers in the blog.

Finally, you can gather inspirational ideas from award-winning blogs in your industry.


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