Chakshu Portal: Government’s Weapon Against Fraudulent Calls & Messages

The Modi government has launched a new Chakshu portal, which operates under the Central Government’s Communication Partner Portal. This portal enables action against individuals perpetrating fraud through fake calls and messages. It’s worth noting that ‘Chakshu’ means ‘eye’ in Hindi.

The portal was inaugurated by Union Minister of Communication and Electronics and Information, Ashwini Vaishnav. Additionally, the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) has introduced the Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP), aimed at combating cybercrime and banking fraud.

Ashwini Vaishnav; Chakshu portal

Features of the Chakshu portal

The Chakshu portal offers citizens an additional avenue to report fraudulent calls, messages, and WhatsApp chats. Users can lodge complaints regarding various types of fraud, such as bank account updates, KYC updates, Paytm Wallet issues, obtaining new SIM cards, gas connections, and electricity connections. Furthermore, individuals can report cyber and financial fraud through the cybercrime helpline number 1930 and the central website

Communication Partner Portal

It’s important to note that the Communication Partner Portal was launched in May 2023. Since its inception, approximately 10 million mobile numbers have been disconnected due to user complaints. This platform allows users to report lost or stolen mobile devices and enables them to block or unblock mobile numbers. To date, around 1.4 million mobile handsets have been blocked, and tracking efforts have led to informing the state government about 7 lakh handsets.

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