Can Mukesh Ambani Thwart Elon Musk Plan? Major AI Decision Unveiled

Can Mukesh Ambani Thwart Elon Musk Plan? Elon Musk is consistently developing new technology. He has been focused on AI technology for some time. Now, a new report claims that Musk has released raw computer code related to their Artificial Intelligence chatbot. Many businessmen around the world, including Elon Musk, are interested in it.

The engineer working on Elon Musk’s product mentioned that this feature will be available first on his social media platform. With this, users will be able to get answers to any questions about ‘X’. That’s why the company named it xAI. It’s a unique feature that will enhance users’ social media experience.

Can Mukesh Ambani Thwart Elon Musk Plan?

Can Mukesh Ambani Thwart Elon Musk Plan? Elon Musk’s recent release of code has sparked another debate about AI. Discussions on this topic have begun in the AI community. Additionally, there’s a focus on ensuring the safety of this technology. Elon Musk mentioned that open sourcing could be the best approach, providing transparency.

Reliance Industries Limited, under Mukesh Ambani’s leadership, is working on various AI projects. After venturing into the telecommunications sector, Mukesh Ambani is now focusing on developing native AI models. What’s special about these models is that they will support multiple regional languages, making tasks easier for Indian users. The same approach is being applied to Jio Brain, Jio’s AI model, designed with Indian users in mind.

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