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According to experts, Bing is considered a sleeping leader in the world of search engines. By the start of 2019, Bing’s share in the industry was around 9 per cent. Every day, the platform keeps improving. And this cycle is not going to end anytime soon. Traffic from Bing is often questioned and neglected by web developers.

With this being said, let’s learn more on how to Boost Site traffic from Bing.

oost Site Traffic from Bing

User Engagement 

Unlike many other search engines, Bing highly values user engagement. The best way to divert traffic from Bing to your website is through a promising user experience.

Bing uses a term called “Pogo Sticking” to represent searches. Whenever a user performs a search, clicks on a link and visits the website – the workflow is called pogo-sticking. Likewise, Bing maintains a track of “bounce rate”. The bounce rate identifies the number of people who visited your page and clicked on the “back” button. Both these parameters are important. For instance, the bounce rate will increase if your user engagement strategies are not effective.

Click Through Rates 

Next comes the Click Through Rates.  CTR is measured from the search results page. Data from user engagement and CTR is used to calculate the actual conversion rate. Let’s understand this with an example.

If Page #1 has a CTR of 20%, and Page #2 has a CTR of 40% – it is clear that Page #2 is more relevant.

When you build content and titles, remember that humans are going to read them. Also, be specific with the keywords used. Figure out if your target audiences would use these keywords.

oost Site Traffic from Bing

Sending Social Signals 

The debate on “Social Media impacts Bing” is quite serious.

According to experts, social media does have a prominent influence. When compared to Google, social signals play a bigger role in Bing. Important SEO Efforts Google Rewards – 100% Tested

Make use of social media marketing to drive more organic traffic to your website. When you use social media in the right way, you will see promising results in both Bing and Google.

Authorship in Bing 

Do you know that authorship was used by Google? However, the concept was killed after a point in time.

Technically, authorship is used to identify the actual owner of websites and online content. With this data, search engines will be able to understand the industry’s real experts. Bing had a special authorship algorithm, which once worked with Klout. Now, Klout is also lost and dead.

To replace the role played by Klout, Bing makes use of connected pages. Here, you need to enter the URL of a web page and click on “verify”.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time on Backlinks. 

Google values Backlinks! But Bing doesn’t have a high regard for the use of backlinks. Of course, you cannot spam your website with poor-quality links.

Though backlinks are not extremely relevant in Bing, they are a part of the ranking algorithms. This means you should avoid link manipulation, link farms, and spam backlinks on your site.


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