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If you are a blogger or website owner then you must have heard about Bluehost as it is the most popular name in the world of the Internet and Hosting. For its brilliant Hosting & services, Bluehost always remains the first choice of Bloggers, Website Owners and Hosting Experts. In today’s article, we are going to inform you about the review of Bluehost Hosting

After reading today’s article your lots of doubt will be clear regarding Bluehost Hosting. Also, you will decide yourself if Bluehost is a right and Budget-Friendly hosting company or not. Before proceeding further we will know a little bit about Bluehost.

About BlueHost Company

Before getting a detailed review of Bluehost, it is also important to know about the background of Bluehost. When anyone wants to start a new blog on WordPress or wants to start a website then WordPress always recommends Bluehost for hosting services. Since 2006 Bluehost is WordPress’s official Recommended Hosting Company.

Bluehost was started by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in 2003 but currently, Endurance International Group has ownership of Bluehost. More than 2 million websites and blogs are hosted by Bluehost. Blue host hosting services are WordPress users first choice as it has 24*7 Customer Support and it also has the best and cheapest hosting plans.

There are numerous other web hosting providers also available like A2Hosting and Hostgator, who provide the best services and hosting plans to their users. But why is Bluehost the best out of all of these? Let’s understand it and also know its pros and cons. We are going to have a Bluehost Hosting Service Review in detail.


Hosting performance is very important for the search ranking of any website or blog. For any website site, loading speed matters a lot and it also defines the performance of the website. If your website loading speed is very slow then this is not right for your website health purpose. Due to this, your SEO ranking will not improve instead it will be decreased. But if you host your website through the Bluehost hosting service then there is no scope for the slow loading speed of your website.

If we talk about the loading speed in Bluehost then it is nearly 1.5 sec, which is considered a very good speed. The blue host gives you an uptime of up to 99.99% for your site and it is very capable to complete it. If you don’t know what Uptime means, your website won’t face any kind of problem due to server down. 

Support & Customer Services

Another reason why Bluehost Hosting Service is included in Top Web Hosting Providers, their top-class Customer Services and Support and this is a very useful thing for any new blogger. Blogger has Knowledge-Based Articles, Video Tutorials and Step by Step Guide in sufficient volume which can be very helpful for new bloggers to fix the small & common issues.

Bluehost has a 24/7 Support and Customer Care Team, you can contact them over the phone or can do a live chat with them. BlueHost has a team of technical experts in their Customer support team who fully help you to fix any technical problem. 

BlueHost Refund Policy

Refund policy plays an important role while creating trust for any brand amongst the customers. To keep customers’ trust stronger on BlueHost, it provides a 30 days refund policy. If you purchase any hosting services through BlueHost and you are not satisfied with their services then you can claim a full refund within 30 days. 

You also should have known that when you request a refund in Bluehost, it will debit nearly Rs. 1200 from the refundable amount as a charge of a free domain name for one year. So, you can use that domain name for 1 year with any other hosting service. 

Easy to Use

The Hosting Interface of Bluehost is very easy and simple and any new blogger can understand it very easily. You can easily install any of the CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla with a 1-Click Installation Feature in Bluehost hosting services. This is very great for the new bloggers.

Using the control panel of Bluehost Hosting Service is very easy. You can use the Website builder of Bluehost like Weebly or Drupal so that you can customize the template by Drag & Drop Feature. 

Good Security Features

If you are considering Security Features then also Bluehost is a very good option. It provides various security features to secure your websites. You will get a Free SSL Certificate with every hosting plan of Bluehost and it is also considered an important security and SEO factor by Google itself. 

There is a feature in domain privacy that helps you to hide the personal information which was provided while registering your domain.  Another feature called SiteLock protects your WordPress website from any malware attack. CodeGuard is a Security Protection for a Website’s daily backup as it is very best to relive your website after facing any kind of hacking problem. 

BlueHost Hosting Types

Whether you are making any type of website, bluehost offers various types of hosting services like Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, Dedicated Hosting etc. You can choose the hosting according to your needs. 

All hosting plans of Bluehost give you 1-Click WordPress Installation and it is a very helpful feature for any non-techie user. Now let’s know about some hosting plans of Bluehost.

  • Shared Hosting

When a website or blog is new and there is low traffic on it then Shared Hosting is the best hosting. In these types of hosting there are many websites hosted in a single hosting server. 

  • Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a level up then Shared hosting. This type of hosting provides better loading speed than shared hosting. In cloud hosting you can use multiple cloud servers. The benefit of Multiple Cloud Servers is, if there is any problem in the Website’s server or if your site gets sudden increase in traffic then your website automatically switches on another


  • WordPress Hosting

This type of hosting is specially prepared for WordPress Websites. This is a Fully Optimize WordPress Hosting and it’s user interface is very easy. 

  • WooCommerce Hosting

This type of hosting is very perfect for opening any online store. In this hosting service you will get all the initial features which are required for any online store. You will also get an e-commerce Plugin in WordPress for opening an online store, which is a very beneficial WordPress e-commerce Plugin to start an Online Store. 

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

This is an upgraded hosting service. In this shared environment hosting service you will get Virtual Dedicated Resources. In shared hosting there are various sites hosted but servers are divided in different-different parts. There will be no right or any other on that part of the Server. That is why Power, Loading Speed and Flexibility of your site improve very much.  

  • Dedicated Server Hosting

This is a top advanced hosting service. In these types of hosting only one website is hosted by a single server. All the benefits of the server are provided to you only so that your website get the awesome performance. That is the main reason why the price of this hosting is a little bit more costly than other hosting services.

  • Bluehost Web Hosting Plans

All the hosting plans of Bluehost are according to your budget and all of them are cheap, affordable and best. You can host your website on Bluehost ‘s hosting at a very low budget. There are four hosting plans available under Shared Hosting by the name Basic, Plus, Choice plus & Pro. In Basic plans you can host your 1 website but in other plans there are not any restrictions. Apart from this, you will also get 1 Free Domain, Unmetered Bandwidth, FREE SSL Certificate, Free Bluehost SEO TOOLS etc in all the plans. Also there are some unique features that depend on plan wise.

Hosting Plans Summary

  • Basic

This is the basic and very lowest price plan of Bluehost Hosting service. In this plan you can only be allowed to host 1 website. But you can host 25 Sub-Domains with 1 domain In this plan. This plan offers you the storage upto 50 GB. Also you can add 5 Parked Domains in this plan. You will also get free SSL certificate in this plan.

  • Plus

In this plan you can host unlimited websites, also you will get Unlimited SSD Storage Capacity and Unmetered Bandwidth to host websites. In this plan you will also get various features like Free SSL Certificate, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Sub-Domains, Unlimited Parked Domains, and Spam Expert etc. 

  • Choice Plus

The benefits & features of the plan are almost similar to Plus Plan. In addition, you will get extra features like Domain Privacy & Protection, Site Backup & CodeGuard Basic in this plan.

  • Pro

In this Bluehost Hosting plan you will get all the features & benefits of Plus & Choice Plus Plan. Also, you will get High performance for your website while in others it has Standard performance. You will get a dedicated IP under this plan. 

Bluehost Pros

Pricing Plans:– The price of Bluehost Hosting plans are very cheaper in comparison to other top hosting platforms. If you are a new blogger then this is a right platform to start.

Free Domain Name & SSL Certificate:- All the plans of Bluehost offers Free Domain Name for 1 Year, also to make your website secured they also provide Free SSL Certificate.

Best Performances:– Bluehost always provides 99.99% uptime for your websites and also provides fast loading speed for your website.

Bluehost Cons

High Renewal Plan:– If you are taking a hosting plan for the first time then you can purchase it from Rs. 199 but at the time of renewal you need to pay a minimum Rs. 499. 

Domain Name Change:- Domain name is free for 1 year but at the time of renewal you will be required to pay upto Rs. 1399. 

Site Migration:- Some of the hosting platforms offer you free site migration to transfer your existing live site to hosting but there are no such benefits available in the Bluehost Hosting service. This service is only available in Choice plus & Pro Plan of Bluehost.


What is Bluehost Hosting Service?

Bluehost Hosting service provides you the feature to host your WordPress website.

What are the plans of Bluehost?

There are four plans available under Bluehost as Basic, Plus, Choice Plus & Pro.

What is the Bluehost Refund Policy?

Bluehost offers a 30 days full refund policy. If you are not happy with the Bluehost service then within 30 days you can claim a full refund.


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